Firmware again: CM10 for Desire HD

    After trying out Virtuous Infinity and JellyTime , I began to carefully study what was happening outside of these projects. Moreover, the extreme update on October 17 JellyTime R21 brought disappointment - the sound in the player deteriorated beyond recognition, favorite songs on the road began to cause only disgust. Specifically, the bass became very strong, which I could not cure either using the built-in JT DSP Manager or the PowerAMP equalizer. I had to look in the direction of something new.

    Actually, why I decided to switch to another firmware - constant updates of JT. This is good (which means the authors work) and bad (constantly download, flash, try, swear at new glitches). I checked all the builds in a row from R12 to R15 inclusive, and then immediately R21, since there was an increase in the version of Android to 4.1.2 (nothing global, but they said that the power consumption was fixed. A lie). And so in general, hard download 150 MB of new firmware each time.
    Having studied the opinions of users of xda-developers and, I decided to dwell on the unofficial assembly of Cyanogen Mod 10 for Desire HD. There are only “nightly” builds, and the fact of the release of a stable official version is still a big question - on the Cyanoden Mod websitethere are versions no higher than 7. And this is Android 2.3, you know - you are reluctant to take a step back, having tasted the “fours”.

    In general, I updated the last nightly assembly on October 17th - compared to JT, the responsiveness of the interface has increased. The sound in the player has improved, but not much - locking bass less, but still present. We almost managed to cure it by setting the Light Bass preset in the PowerAMP equalizer settings. Listening, in general, is pleasant, the ear hardly cuts. Maybe, of course, the matter is also in my headphones (a standard headset from the phone kit), and music lovers will certainly mock this fact. But the fact is that with the same headphones the sound was clear before! Maybe in 4.1.2 they managed to break something, maybe, specifically in these firmwares - I don’t know, and I don’t want to understand. I just want to listen to music.
    As for the general impressions - purely positive. The interface responds quickly, applications open also without brakes. Sometimes when you change the orientation of the screen at some point, artifacts appear on the screen, but then disappear themselves, this is not critical for me. The standard Trebuchet launcher was again replaced with the favorite Go Launcher EX with the appropriate body kit from the dialer and the messaging program.

    What still needs to be improved:
    1. Control of the player from the headset buttons - still has not been fixed, although the developer’s to-do list is in one of the first places
    2. Spontaneous disabling of the "For Developers - Disable Hardware Overlay" setting. In JT, the daw taken at this point gave the wildest artifacts in the player and camera (both stock and third-party), such as this:
    Screenshot from MX Player

    Interestingly, even in CM10 the jackdaw itself is still removed after a reboot, but no such artifacts were noted - yesterday I took pictures on my phone all night, watched the video - the camera and video player behaved decently.
    3. Sound in the player

    Regarding WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS - everything works clearly, quickly and without complaints, at least for me. I saw several complaints just about Bluetooth, but the bug was not confirmed. The battery is consumed no more and no less than on the last tried JT R21, I still bring half the battery to work. In sleep mode, it behaves pretty well for my settings - after all, I have a bunch of widgets on every desktop.

    As a summary, I will say that the firmware as a whole is suitable for use, quite fast compared to JT (in the AnTuTu test it showed a slight excess in points). I also follow with interest the development of PACman and codefireX firmware - by reviews. good too. Perhaps in the future I will try them.

    And in conclusion - popular wisdom: If you at least once reflash your phone, you will do this constantly

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