Google China Answer: Comply with our laws and stay with us

    Probably, many Habrovsk residents are closely following the development of events between the conflict between China and Google. Today, new information on this topic has appeared - China unexpectedly reacted to Google’s refusal to filter search results in this country.

    The broad answer (English) of the official authorities of China can be reduced to the following provisions:

    1) Google can remain in China if it complies with the laws of this country;

    2) China is not going to give up censorship;

    Here is what Chinese Foreign Minister Jiang Yu said: "The Chinese government controls the Internet according to its own laws, deciding what kind of information can be distributed on the Web ." Simply put,Google’s refusal to filter search results is seen as a direct violation of Chinese law.

    Moreover, as Wang Chen, the Minister of State Administration’s Information Department, said the Chinese authorities censor the Internet for rational reasons. " Effective management of public opinion on the Internet is an important condition for maintaining a guarantee of information security, " Chen commented on the situation.

    Chen also commented on Google’s hacking statement: “China is a country that is constantly threatened by hackers and therefore tries to defend itself against such threats.” But when asked what methods are used for such protection, the Chinese authorities do not give an answer.

    Well, it looks like the days of Google in China are numbered.

    How do you feel about this reaction of the Chinese authorities?

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