Greetings! I could not deny myself the pleasure to share with you the news about the project, which appeared in the vastness of our amazing RuNet. The notorious classic once very clearly noted:

    “There are miracles, there the wandering wander ...”

    But, to the point. So, the miracle project is the i-Garden . Cost - 1 million dollars.
    Zynga nibbles on her elbows. Pruflink . And one more . I made inquiries - the project is lively and really starting.

    Do you think it will? Is the bubble of the second dotcom inflated or a bold idea?
    I will certainly convey sensible suggestions to the team.

    One nice idea on the topic of i-Garden:
    “I have an ideasuch a startup - we take a white fluffy kitten, we plant it in front of a webcam. If you want to feed, transfer money, they will feed him right before your eyes. Do not want to feed - will die, right in the webcam. The closer the kitten is to death, the higher the cost of feeding. ”

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