Lethal gadget. Technological death.

    A long and unexplained string of events and causes led me to the idea of ​​suicide.
    It should be noted that I’m used to thoroughly approach decisions of any kind, and here it’s a serious matter. Considered (and indignantly rejected) the classic options. Everywhere you go - everywhere pain, crunching and rattle. Around it is full of skyscrapers scurrying oncoming bus-trucks, weapons - only a hand (with a bill) stretch out. But in each version - noise, stink, bustle and most importantly - disgusting public attention.
    I plunged into the search for a nice intimate solution, concentrated, even stopped sleeping. And the idea of ​​a gadget was born.

    The gadget (with the working name "lifeplug") is simple, silent and elegant. Conveniently located in the palm of your hand. Powered by a special battery located under the cover in the back. The cover is also a start button. The device leans against the chest with the lower part, the first press determines the necessary impulse strength, the second - directly stops the heart.

    It is supposed to create a (posthumous) startup for the production of such pieces. The Japanese market is very suitable: the Japanese love gadgets, are depressed and know a lot about suicides. And here - a miracle and not a solution - without noise, screams and bone-and-meat porridge on the pavement.

    An idea from a different pocket - a web-based website for product promotion. In a hat - three huge web-based explanatory pictures: 1. Are you tired of everything? 2. Get a gadget. 3. Double click, and you're in the afterlife Linux!

    It’s also fun to hold a contest for the best name for “Tamagotchi Killer”. A prize for those who do not want to self-destruct nicely can be the ingenious elimination of the enemy (for the first place - several enemies). The thing is universal, you can yourself, or you can in the subway ... p-lean.

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