Offices began accepting bets on June 29 events

    IPhone fans have a real opportunity to convert their emotions into cash. One of the bookmakers began to accept bets on what will happen to the most anticipated product of the year.

    Three to one, that buyers will spend the night in tents, waiting for the device to be on sale.
    Someone will be trampled in line on June 29: twenty to one.

    Apple shares will rise at least 10% relative to the price on June 30, 2007: a ratio of 1.5.
    More / less than 1.2 million devices
    will be sold in the first month: 2 At least 12 million devices will be sold in 2008: 2.
    Users will pay a triple price ($ 1500) on eBay: 3.
    Mass complaints that the battery is working less than eight hours declared: 11.
    The first “iPhones” will be recalled: 31. The
    screen will be fragile and break, like the first generation iPod nano: 151.
    Unintentional spontaneous combustion of the iPhone: 151.

    via LiveScience

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