Google Reader & Twitter - More Fun Together

    Immediately I’ll say we are talking about a script for expanding Greasemonkey for Firefox and how to make friends with Google Reader and Twitter . What do we get in the end? As a result, we will get our favorite gReader with such a button and a pop-up window.

    Now more about what and how to do.
    We click on the link and install the script, then go to the specification page and read about the message format.
    Here I will give a brief translation of the main functions.
    The author asks the rhetorical question “How to quickly and easily make this or that news in Google Reader public by Twiter” and he himself answers: “Using my script for Greasmonkey”

    Message format
    Title, tag, news address, your notes

    Basic functions
    • Tag \ Title \ URLs are obtained automatically, but that doesn’t stop you from editing them
    • URL easily turns into tinyURL
    • Before reference, the number of words is counted


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