The first anti-poor SEO program

    An agency providing Internet marketing services, 87 Interactive, in an official press release announces the launch of a unique service called SEO Rehab. According to the developers, this program is designed to combat poor-quality SEO practices of many Internet marketers.

    “The problem of professional incompetence is manifested in the poor quality of SEO services to customers (site owners), which leads to poor site ranking, reduced traffic and reduced profits. Often the reason for this is the SEO specialist’s use of black optimization methods, ”says Michael Geneles, president of 87 Interactive.

    The SEO Rehab program is designed specifically to avoid such situations. It includes a website analysis system, a study of the SEO methods used and the removal of unethical ones, as well as a thorough check of the site for compliance with the search engine. In addition, 87 Interactive agency entered into partnership agreements with leading law firms, so that the interests of those affected by poor-quality SEO services will be protected.

    The question arises whether this program can solve the problem of poor-quality provision of SEO-services. SEO analyst Anton Girin states the following: “When a client incompetent in SEO can turn to a third-party consultant and evaluate the correctness of the contractor’s actions, this is certainly a plus. This raises the question of the adequacy of the 87 Interactive competency to evaluate the ethics or unethicality of methods. In any case, the search engine is the ultimate arbiter. ”

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