Chinese scientists hope to send an improved version of their lunar rover to Mars

    Despite the fact that the Chinese Yutu lunar rover failed before the planned end of the lunar mission, this project can be called successful. In general, most of the tasks of the project have been completed, and the unforeseen failure of the power unit responsible for folding sensitive elements in a heated box during a moonlit night cannot be called catastrophic for the project. In any case, Chinese scientists believe that most of the tasks of the lunar rover have been completed.

    Now the team of scientists who created the lunar rover hopes to send a more advanced version of the system to Mars.

    This, in particular, is hoped by the head of the lunar mission team, Jia Yang. In particular, the scientist expressed the hope that before his departure for a well-deserved rest, Chinese experts will land an automatic station on Mars.

    By the way, this scientist compared the failure of a Chinese lunar rover to falling into the throat of a monster when the brain is still functioning, but the body cannot do anything. Something like this can describe the current state of the Chinese lunar rover. His "brain" is not damaged, and is able to function without any problems, but the device itself is immobilized, since most systems are disabled due to the low temperature of the moonlit night, when the temperature drops to minus 150 degrees.

    Not so long ago, the lunar rover transmitted a signal to Earth, a signal indicating that the device is still working. But we can’t talk about the continuation of the mission of the Lunokhod, the device is immobilized.

    It is worth noting that China hopes to send a manned expedition to the moon before the end of 2020, as well as collect samples of the rocks of Mars by the end of 2030.

    In principle, after the Chinese have shown themselves on the moon, there is no longer any doubt - China is able to fulfill its plan.

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