Microsoft buys UnityVS - Unity3D debugger for Visual Studio

    Good news for all game developers using Unity3D. Microsoft has announced the acquisition of SyntaxTree . This company is notable for the fact that it is developing a plug-in for Visual Studio that allows you to debug Unity applications in VisualStudio itself. Indeed, without this plugin, developers have to be content with the IDE MonoDevelop. In general, an extremely convenient and useful thing when developing for Unity.

    I think the vast majority of hawkers know about Unity. This is a very powerful cross-platform game framework with adequate pricing (since recently). However, ideal things do not exist, and Unity is an example. Out of the box, Unity allows debugging only in MonoDevelop and period.

    In general, MonoDevelop is not a bad IDE, but Visual Studio is a more mature product, it has a carriage and a small cart of plug-ins, and it is often a much more familiar tool. That is why many (including myself) prefer Visual Studio. This crowd of people would like not to part with their favorite instrument. Especially for them, SyntaxTree wrote a plug-in for Visual Studio that allows you to fully work with Unity code in this IDE. Like all people, SyntaxTree developers want to eat, and give their brainchild not for thanks. The cost of the product is $ 99 for a personal license per person and $ 259 for the “professional” version for companies.

    However, most recently, Microsoft decided to raise its karma and bought SyntaxTree with its UnityVS. The announcement of this event can be found on the SyntaxTree website ., UnityVS, and the Microsoft Corporate Vice President Blog for Development. In connection with this event, Microsoft promised to make UnityVS absolutely free:
    Microsoft will also make the existing UnityVS plugin available for free on our download site shortly.

    In addition, for UnityVS this is a very good development impetus and the possibility of tighter integration with VS. Let's hope that this purchase will only positively affect UnityVS and Unity in general.

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