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    As a result of the discussion of my last article about the Veeam office in St. Petersburg, it turned out that readers would be interested to know more details about our company and, moreover, see how our specialists work.

    We decided to tell in more detail about the work of various departments and today a post about the pride of the company is the technical support department. Under the cut - photos and details

    We have already written several times about the company in detail, so I will not stop here. Those who have missed this information can read " One Day at Veeam Software Office " and " How to Start a Billionth Company ."

    So, “welcome to Veeam Software Technical Support. How can I help you?"

    Our department is divided into 3 offices located in different parts of the world (Columbus, Sydney, St. Petersburg). They are united by one simple task - to provide uninterrupted service in 24/7 format, available to customers from anywhere in the world.

    The company officially provides support in English, French and German. It just so happened that we have few Russian-speaking clients, so knowledge of a foreign language is a prerequisite for hiring. Unofficially, there is support in Italian, Spanish, Greek and any other language that one of the colleagues knows. A person who understands IT and virtualization, and also speaks a foreign language is a potential candidate for our team.

    The technical support department in the usual sense is the place where the load is distributed between the call center operators who are processing the application and the engineers who actually work on this application. But we work in the B2B sector, and therefore our average client is not a hysterical online MMORPG player , but a system administrator, at least responsible for backing up the virtual environment, and in most cases serving this virtual infrastructure entirely. Of course, the level of communicative and technical competence of an employee of our department should correspond to the level of the client, so the requirements for candidates are quite high.

    The team has a clear hierarchy. Clients' applications can be transferred, if required, from the first level to the second and, possibly, to the third. Levels are called T1, T2 and T3 (T = tier). At the same time, the 3rd level is a kind of QA department, where bugs are finally reported and considered together by developers.

    Inside each of the teams there are experienced team leaders who themselves were the same specialists a year or two ago. That is, they themselves went all the way and will not give subordinates an insult, they themselves can, if necessary, stand at the machinechat with a difficult client. In some places, the work presents extremely interesting points, such as the opportunity to participate in a “remote session”, where the client infrastructure is very developed and works on the latest iron models, or, say, in a very short period of time, get acquainted with almost all the shades of the English accent found in nature .

    And we almost introduced gamification into the workflow (the system is currently in beta testing). It will be possible to receive virtual points and swing up to level 80 to receive bonuses by completing the usual work tasks, and then exchange the accumulated points for a bonus, days off or a top-end video card. Actually, the gift pool has also not yet been finally determined, but we are in the process.

    Well, now more about the guys from the office in St. Petersburg.
    To begin with, it is worth noting that the office is located in the Fernan Leger

    Business Center , on Kondratyevsky 15. The business center has an Italian restaurant with delicious takeaway pizza, healthy and healthy business lunches, and a fitness center. Having added the presence of the gym directly in the office building with an individual work schedule, which no employee of the department is deprived of, we will get a super opportunity to go to the gym at any time convenient for the engineer.

    Inside the BC there is always a lot of light, and we are not deprived of various greens.

    Let's look into the room to the English-speaking team.

    We should also mention our working atmosphere. “Old” help “new”, you just ask. By the way, the team is international in the literal sense, not so long ago Iyed from Tunisia, Christ from Greece and Patrick from Côte d'Ivoire joined the guys.

    It is clear that everyone decorates jobs as he wants.

    “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope! ”

    Or maybe so.

    There is also a dashboard on the wall where the current status of the queue of calls and free / busy employees is displayed.

    The second half of the English-speaking team.

    And this is the French-Spanish-Italian team

    Corner of France.

    And we also have a well-functioning training system. We understand that people with knowledge of specific languages ​​may not understand virtualization at all and vice versa. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to undergo product training, analyze the most popular customer requests and learn how to make them happy.

    Also, recently a full-time English teacher has been working in the office. And language classes take place during working hours and are completely free.

    In addition to working things, our guys like to relax (and who doesn’t love?).

    In the photo there is a game room with table football. Find Valera.

    The guys also love to play board games and chess, and even arrange competitions.

    And here is our kitchen. I think that it’s not worth repeating about coffee and cookies. Here you can also warm up the lunch brought with you, or destroy the pizza ordered collectively. Also here, on the last Friday of each month, is the celebration of the birthdays of our colleagues born this month.

    It just so happens that already the 3rd month in a row we, instead of kitchen celebrations, go out into the countryside. We are organized in such a way that both the meat-eater and the vegan / vegetarian find goodies for themselves and everyone is happy.


    We hope you enjoyed our stay.

    I also want to note that at the moment we are considering the possibility of preparing such posts about teams of developers, marketing and sales. Therefore, please indicate in the comments what you would like to see in such posts.


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