Proprietary Modems Providers 3/3 (upd)


    This is the final article about proprietary modems, you can familiarize yourself with the first two bir , eki .

    As planned, in this publication I will simply compare the key solutions available on the market. I want to warn in advance, the tables are ordered by the amount of information available. If I made a mistake, or you have used to proc eed information gladly include it in the article.

    Tables are divided into 3 parts: equalities, absolute superiority, comparable data. It may not be the usual approach, but the comparison is simplified.

    The image above is SAGEM's first ADSL modem, branded by Wanadoo, now Orange. Perhaps the idea of ​​creating his own child came from him.

    Well, where are these tables already?


    Basically, all modems have the features listed below, but in extreme cases they are paid extra, for example, PLCs from Livebox (Orange) and Bbox (Bouygues).

    As one would expect from providers, they all support ADSL2 + (up to 24 Mbps), all offer VoIP telephony, including calls to mobile phones.

    The connection between the modem and the video decoder is either ethernet or PLC.

    All of them cope well with FTP, while for some it is on the decoder part, and for some with a modem part. It is worth noting that they have no similar sides with the modem part.

    As for decoders, everyone is rich in HDMI, SPDIF, video recording, connecting an external medium and reading audio or video files from it.

    Separately, I want to say about Scart, which is very common in France. The main reason for this is the French definition of the standard, and since 1980 a mandatory connector on all color TVs. Very uncomfortable, bulky compared to RCA, and collects a lot of interference.

    And what about superiority?

    Absolute superiority

    Of course, the comparison is not entirely true, given that FreeBox Revolution was released in December last year, NeufBox Evolution in November, LiveBox in October 2009, and Bbox in October 2008. It is noteworthy that updates occur every 2-3 years (the exception of the last Freebox is 4 years).
    With all this, only Free makes its own modems, while the rest use contractors: Bbox - Technicolor / Sagemcom, SFR - Foxconn / Sercomm, Livebox - Sagem. As far as I know, Linux is spinning on Freebox and on Neufbox.

    Undoubtedly, Freebox is a leader with the most modern modem, but Neufbox steals 3 features. Not unimportant is the ability to view records on the decoder, like a regular network folder. This is implemented using Samba, which is technically the power of Freebox, but not implemented. There is a card reader, and it is very convenient to view fresh photos. And finally - Broadcast Control, namely video control. By pausing a running broadcast, you can resume it and rewind the advertisement forward or backward. Freebox can pause, but cannot rewind.

    Livebox and Bbox are undoubted outsiders and offer the very little thing: a decoder control panel and Wifi b / g / n, like everyone else.

    I will not retell the table completely, I will only note interesting features from Freebox:
    • Multichannel Wifi
    • Gyro control panel like on Nintendo WII
    • Download torrents through the client installed on the Freebox server
    • Blue ray
    • Opengl 2.0
    • DECT for registering multiple devices

    And what can you measure?

    Comparable data

    I want to note that Freebox uses fresh stuffing, in the form of Atom and Marvell ARM 9, DDR3 RAM for Player'a and DDR2 for the server. It turns out a good server, and a game platform for casuals, and not only.

    Gigabit ethernet is also present, and is becoming the standard in such modems.

    And what from this?


    This is what the proprietary modem market looks like in France. Unfortunately, there is very little information about Numeribox and Bbox, while Orange is promising a new modem next year. Apparently behind the Evolution and Revolution of competitors, their modem turned pale.

    I hope that I liked the post, and I will be glad to hear your comments and suggestions. And now to your attention, a couple of pictures of all modems.
    Bbox - ADSL

    Bbox - Decoder

    Livebox - ADSL + Decoder

    Neufbox Evolution - ADSL

    Neufbox Evolution - Decoder

    Freebox - Player + Server


    wikipedia - basic information
    Free, SFR, Bouygues, Orange - general information


    Free announced the free distribution in the near future of the FemtoCell module for Freebox. Since the provider will become a mobile operator at the end of the year.
    Now users away from 3G outdoor antennas will receive communications from their Freebox.
    He is also the receiver. In case ADSL / Fiber is not available, 3G will connect Freebox with a street antenna.

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