Is Sberbank Online Safe?

    My favorite Sberbank has a wonderful client bank for cardholders, Sberbank Online. I use it daily, and just happy. I say this without irony, but last night something happened that made me amazed in a bad way and started to get nervous.

    Sberbank constantly carries out some modifications and works with Sberbank Online, so the client-bank often does not work, but yesterday I went into the system and I saw the following picture:

    Since they began to shit in karma without looking. I will emphasize that my surname SHAKIROV and not SKIN ***

    “Full length” it looks like this .

    The fact is that my surname is Shakirov, accordingly I had questions:
    - who is Skin ****?
    - why do I see his cards in my design bureau?
    - Who now sees my cards?

    I hope that the failure was a one-time one and no one managed to "drain" money from anyone.

    I was contacted by Kozh ***, at his request I glossed over the name and card balances. He also sent a request to Sberbank and phoned support. Waiting for a response. from Sberbank.

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