bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G: "clone" iPad mini with telephone functionality and 4 cores

Recently, manufacturers of gadgets from small to large with might and main practice “cloning” iPad mini - this is a kind of fashion trend. The output is models on the Android operating system with 7.85-inch screens, elegant and thin cases, as well as significantly lower price tags. Many Russian brands put the “cloning” stream, although they do not disdain this approach and larger offices - for example, Acer and MSI. Yes, and HP not so long ago introduced in China a line of inexpensive Compaq tablets, among which there is - and here you are - a “clone” of the iPad mini.

In this post, we will talk about the “Android copy” of the iPad mini, namely the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G model. Previously, the bb-mobile brand was engaged in all sorts of unusual gadgets, such as door peepholes with cameras , headsetsin the form of small mobile phones and children's tablets. bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G is also a "tablet", but not for children, but for users of all ages. There are people in the world who like the iPad mini, but who do not want to buy it - because of the price or ideological rejection of iOS. So they can recommend “clones” in general and Techno 7.85 3G in particular.

Before you go to the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G review, a little clarification is worth it. I tested on a white version of the tablet for 7,490 rubles, which is equipped with a 4-core MediaTek MT8389 processor. However, in nature there is also a black version for 6,990 rubles with an MT8312 chip with two cores. Such a "color" separation of versions, of course, seems somewhat strange, but as it is. I’ll note from myself that it is better to take the white modification - it looks noticeably more noble, and with its performance, of course, everything is somewhat more interesting.

In the box

A lot of different things were poured into the box with bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G - here you will find a standard set of a network charging unit, a USB-microUSB cable, instructions and a warranty card, and a “bonus set” including a wired headset, a simple bag-bag, a cloth for wiping the case and OTG-lace.

I personally was pleased with the equipment, it’s just nice to find in the box not only standard quirks, but also such trifles. Let them cost a couple of dollars.


The similarity with the iPad mini is really noticeable, it is very possible to confuse the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G with it. Especially the last one is in the book cover that hides the back panel, where there is no logo in the form of an apple. The buttons in the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G are located in approximately the same places, but the speakers are moved to the rear panel, and the microUSB port is on top. If the user is not satisfied with the complete case, then you can try to choose an option designed for iPad mini. With proper luck, he will pick up, however, at least the upper part must be open for him - so that the bb-mobile device can be charged without removing the case.

In general, the tablet turned out to be nice and quite pleasant to the touch. Design to tear apart is a simple matter, but with materials everything is more complicated. In this case, the developers coped with the task. The back of the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G is aluminum and silver, the rest of the elements are made of milky white plastic. In particular, the lid in the upper part of the rear panel. It’s really nice to hold all this stuff in your hands, and it weighs almost as much as the first mini, 320 g instead of 312. To understand: there are exactly the same “clones” of the brainchild of Apple on the market that weigh more than 400 g. Where such an increase comes from - God knows, but it is clearly not in favor.

The spaced volume buttons in the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G are on the right side of the case. On the top there was a place for the power key, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port. The microphone is down here.

The socket mentioned above hides a slot for a SIM card and a microSD flash drive. I tried to insert a 64 GB SanDisk card into bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G, but refused to work with the tablet - it’s damaged, he says. So such volumes, alas, are not supported. A 32-gigabyte flash drive, meanwhile, “started” without problems.

Above the screen there was a place for a speech speaker, a front camera and a blue flashing LED. It blinks so brightly that sometimes it interferes with sleep (emoticon).

In general, I have no complaints either to the body or to ergonomics. bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G is made of high quality and does not cause rejection - unlike many other "Russian" tablets, which, sorry, are sometimes assembled with your feet.


In bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G, exactly the same matrix is ​​installed as in iPad mini - 7.85 inches, IPS, 1024 x 768 pixels. The quality is high - this applies to color reproduction, and contrast, and the width of the viewing angles, and everything else. If, of course, you are not confused by the low resolution by the standards of 2014, then you will surely be satisfied.

There is an item in the screen settings that allows you to automatically optimize power consumption by adjusting the color gamut.

Multi-touch is supported, up to 5 simultaneous touches can be processed.

Yes, I almost forgot: a protective film is glued on the screen of the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G, which can not be removed. And take off - it's okay: the matrix is ​​covered with glass.


The MediaTek MT8389 chipset is in many ways similar to the “smartphone” MT6589. There are also four 28-nanometer ARM Cortex-A7 cores and an old PowerVR SGX544MP graphics. RAM in bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G gigabytes, this is the standard for devices of this class. In general, mid-range hardware without special claims to serious performance, but sufficient for most everyday tasks.


"Asphalt 8". allows you to select any graphics settings - from "Very Low" to "High". Often, in budget devices, the latter option is not available.

Suddenly, “sticking” to the Android interface, the bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G is not inclined, the device cannot be called thoughtful. Yes, it’s not suitable for very sophisticated toys, and to watch the video there and to surf the Internet through Chrome is quite.

Offline work

bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery, which is not bad: there are tablets on the market in a similar form factor, equipped with batteries with a capacity of 3,500 or even less. About 7 hours on the model in question can be read, about 5 hours - watch the video. By the standards of iPads, this is not much, by the standards of "clones" - normal.


First and foremost, you can talk on bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G like on a regular smartphone. Of course, the person who attached the 7.85-inch tablet to his ear looks a little strange. But ... Who knows - to whom, when and how such a chip can come in handy. I remember the case when I stayed in the city center (5 kilometers from the house) with a discharged smartphone and iPad, which supports cellular networks, but does not allow calls. He slipped into one store asking at least a little to charge the smartphone, in another - everywhere they look like an idiot and refuse. A call is very, very necessary. As a result, he freaked out and bought a Samsung “flashlight with phone” class to make just one call. So if I had been with Techno 7.85 3G then, the problem would have been solved much easier (and cheaper).

You can talk on bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G using the complete wired headset. And you can buy a wireless one - both in the “Bluetooth-ear” format and in the form of a small mobile phone (MicrON series from the same bb-mobile). With the quality of voice transmission everything is in order - there is no difference with smartphones and phones.

The usual dialer is from stock Android. SMS app too.

In bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G there is a GPS receiver, it works fine.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules - of course. With them, too, no problems arose.


The volume of the drive is 8 GB, of which about 5 and a half are available. I described the situation with memory cards above - drives up to 32 GB inclusive are supported. By OTG, with the help of a complete adapter, you can connect keyboards, USB-sticks and mice. I connected the last two at bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G, it worked.


0.3 megapixels in front, 5 megapixels with autofocus at the back. There is nothing outstanding here, the modules are simple and give out photos of the level “below average” by smartphone standards. In short, the cameras in bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G are for show, as in the vast majority of low-cost tablet computers.


The current firmware for bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G turns off the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system almost in its original form.

I did not find any special improvements from the manufacturer, except perhaps a couple of little things. The first is that the background of the application menu is not black, but the same as the wallpaper on the screen. Nicely.

The second is integrated into the programmina system for creating screenshots.

Well, there is still a file manager.

And so - the "bare" Android. It works stably, does not cause much rejection.


I will not hide: I liked the device, as the developers managed to get around several bottlenecks of such 7.85-inch Android tablets. Firstly, the weight is 320 g: there are devices with this form factor and heavier. Secondly, Android 4.2.2: often in the “clones” of iPad mini there is also Android 4.1. Thirdly, the battery: they could supply a less capacious one, but they stopped at 4,000 mAh. Plus, all this stuffing with wireless modules is also inspiring. So I can recommend bb-mobile Techno 7.85 3G for purchase, although, of course, I myself am more inclined to the original - in fact, iPad mini, and even better iPad mini with Retina. Although they cost much more.

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