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Original author: Tim Herbig
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Note translator: this is a pretty decent selection of interesting podcasts about startups, technologies, business and entrepreneurship in IT. The author himself not only listens, but also creates podcasts, and we believe that you can listen to his opinion by deciding which new shows to subscribe to.

As podcasts over the past two years have become increasingly important to me and to a lot of people in my environment, I thought it might be time to talk about the projects that I have signed up for and which are in my listening queue.

The list is not sorted by release date or alphabetically. I just wrote them down as they go on my list of subscriptions in Overcast .

I also do not want to sort it by rating or anything else. But, of course, you can consider that I [in absentia] like what is presented here, because I have been listening to other works of these people for some time.

Accidental Tech Podcast: Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa discuss every week (mostly Apple-related) technical news on the latest topics.

The Critical Path: Yes, another Apple-oriented podcast. But Horace Dediu [one of Apple’s largest independent analysts] holds the bar and does not look like an Apple fan talking about recent developments in the mobile device market.

Debug:Its presenters are Guy English and Rene Ritchie. Debug delves into software development topics, but the information is presented in an easy and understandable way.

How To Start A Startup: Stanford University offers its students a course this semester to invite entrepreneurs from all over the world, including, for example, Dustin Moskovitz. For those of us who are not members of the Ivy League, these lectures are published as a free podcast series.

Iterate: Rene Ritchie, Marc Edwards, and Seth Clifford regularly talk about the entire application development process, covering everything from design to implementation and testing.

Jobs-to-be-Done Radio:I really like the metaphor: “Jobs-to-be-done” [the concept of the “work” that the product or service “performs”], and therefore I just have to listen to this podcast. Presenters: Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek.

Dorm Room Tycoon: Great interviews with startup founders about their difficulties. William Channer has already met famous people such as Joshua Topolsky, Patrick Collision and Cameron Moll at his show.

MVP: Former AOL journalists, Ryan Block and Peter Rojas recently revived their attempts to record podcasts, created this new show and enthusiastically talk about “geek topics” from a “non-journalistic” point of view.

StartUp Podcast:I already mentioned this podcast when talking about my favorite shows in the latest issue of Weekly Favorites, but I’m just obliged to recommend it again. The most recent review contained audio recordings that both founders made independently of each other with their wives, and hid it from each other for several months.

neunetzcast (German): Discussions on technology from Marcel Weiss, which focuses mainly on one or two topics, rather than trying to fit all the technical events of the week or month into one episode.

The Rocketship Podcast: Excellent and on-the-job interviews with entrepreneurs about product launches (ideally directly about revenue), from Joelle Steiniger, Matt Goldman and Michael Sacca.

Pragmatic: “Pragmatic is a weekly show on the practical aspects of applying technology.” Presenter - John Chidgey (John Chidgey).

Release Notes: What makes Release Notes a little different is the emphasis on independent development, instead of the usual chatter about technology. Charles Perry and Joe Cieplinski really bring something new to their podcast.

The Talk Show: You can assume that this podcast, creator and presenter of which - John Gruber (John Gruber) - the one that is worth considering in matters of Apple technology.

Successful Users:Samuel Hulick and Robert Graham talk on all topics related to user engagement and conversion optimization without taking themselves too seriously.

Product Hunt Radio: If you love Product Hunt , you'll probably also want to listen to its founder interviewing startup creators and technology journalists from around the world on the latest news from our industry.

NYRD Radio: Alexis Ohanian [co-founder of Reddit] finally started recording his own podcast and the first two episodes immediately made us demand more. He invites mainly entrepreneurs and project authors to talk about their work in his show.

Note translator:Of course, in one of our next articles we will give our selection of Russian-speaking podcasts, among which there are many noteworthy programs.

As an additional reading on the topic, you can familiarize yourself with the results of our work on recording our own podcast on the topic of audio technology.

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