Hockey in the eye

    Have a good mood everyone! I decided to dilute the Friday ribbon with short and unassuming literary cyberpunk hooliganism. The short story was written at one of the online literary contests. The used collage images were created by other participants in the same contest, their live nicknames are indicated in the alt'ah images. Neither the author nor his work claim to belong to high literature and serious science. The sole purpose of the publication is to entertain GT regulars at the end of the work week.
    In short, see, there, Vasya at the extreme tank? Vasya! Show yourself to a man! Well, what are you thinking, show yourself! What are you doing? Oh climbed into the tank, hiding. He doesn’t like it when they talk about him.
    He know what! He knows how to fumble in computers! He finally lived chocolate, some kind of lab programs, yeah. Well, like, a programmer, yes. Received non-acid, by the way. They all had raspberry lives in their office because they worked for America, they paid them bucks, and now the bucks are on business, you know.
    And they sent them from America such a curly, curly-haired type of glasses, only talking. Or no. It’s you who are bazaar with these glasses, yeah, but they show you cartoons right in the eye. Well, or hockey. So you say to them: “hockey in the eye!” - and you’re sitting, you’re bastard for “CSKA”. Yes, Vasya?

    Yeah. They sent, it means, and said: watch your hockey, just be dark and have a second use for them. And our Vasya took it and figured it out, yeah. I taught these glasses to look straight into the soul. He himself explains everything confusedly, then he says, they say, he trained glasses, then some kind of net. Vasya, what net did you teach to look into the soul? Oh neutron!
    By the way, do you know about the neutron bomb? I remember that the foreman told us, even under the Union, how they tested this bomb: Khlob! All are dead, and the equipment is standing, the houses are standing, chic, shine, beauty, yeah.
    So what am I talking about? He taught this his neutron grid to socialist vision. What, Vasya? Social? Well, one hell. This is scientific. And in Russian - to look into the soul.
    Well, now you are staring at me - so I understand that you are a club. And this neutron crap - it’s for you to figure it out right away on these ... how are they? Vasya, how are they? Micromic? By micromy mi mi movements - here!
    Vasya, and you still have that leaf that you showed me? About social vision?
    Yeah, look, this is Vasya himself with a dictionary from an English book translated. Didn’t you, Vasya, translate? Who? Gogol trans what? ABOUT! Look, it’s for Vasya Gogol himself translating! Trans lieutenant. Did you read Gogol in childhood? Not? On, read it!
    Read Gogol
    The human visual system is especially tuned to effective and surprising when processing social signals. We can effectively “read” the mental and emotional states of other people and make hasty judgments about our characters and dispositions by simply observing them. Given that, of course, there is a close relationship between vision and social interaction, it is becoming increasingly clear for social psychologists seeking to better understand the functional and neuroanatomical mechanisms underlying social perception, that vision plays an important role in the development and maintenance of social exchange. In the same way, scientific vision came to understand the deep impact people had, like social agents, on the visual system, recognizing how important it is to consider the socially adaptive functions that the system evolved to perform. This book explores biologically defined culturally-shaped effects on social visions. Four topics arise. These include: visually mediated moderate attention of complex social interactions and plays an important role in the development of social cognition; visual characteristics of perception determine categorical thinking and have profound consequences downstream, including activation of a stereotype; perceptions of experiences can be triggered directly by visual signals, in this case, visual and social perceptions of essentially equivalent processes; and social factors have a powerful effect from top to bottom on even a low level of visual perception, several times biasing, while others have a fine-tuned perception of visual acuity. This book marks a new field of social vision,
    The Science of Social Vision
    By Reginald B. Adams, Nalini Ambady, Ken Nakayama, and Shinsuke Shimojo

    Got it That's why I do not like Gogol. It seems that all the words are Russian, but you’ll understand the hell. But that's not the point.
    He taught, then, these glasses people look into the soul, and what happens. You go like this with glasses. You meet a girlfriend. And banging on her forehead right away: where was she hanging around yesterday, eh ?! She was taken aback for a second, her face twitched like that, then quickly realized what to expect from you, and said: “Nowhere, they say, didn’t hang around, I waited all evening!” And the glasses have already caught everything and they’re writing right in your eye: “he’s lying like he breathes”. And where, when, with whom - everything that she displayed on the impudent hara!
    The right thing, huh?
    And he sent this his glasses program back to America. And what do you think? As is, the Pindos took everything away. Little of. They shortened these glasses to glasses only. Such small ones to insert directly into the eyes - and they are not visible. Tucked lims are called.
    And that’s all! These expensive glasses were scary! But all the fashion leaders, of course, were required. That is, you shake, let’s say, at work alcoholics. You go smoothly, do not get burned. And you will catch the eyes of the supply manager - he is looking at you! - and immediately knows up to a gram: how much, when, with whom. Everything according to your hara reads as if from a sheet.
    Then almost all of them had such. Can you imagine what kind of life they had? Darkness. Neither prick anyone, nor a woman's brains to powder. And you can’t turn it back: whoever removed these lims is immediately at a disadvantage. He is like everyone else’s on a platter, but he cannot understand anything about others. As he knew how to understand about people, he had already forgotten, while these glasses prompted him all.
    Americans shoveling money rowed a program for Vasin - and Vasya horseradish and half a shit! Well, then Vasya got angry with them! He stole himself such lims at work and grabbed them. So, Vasya? Ah, hacked. In short, he twisted something in them. Well, as in them. Vasya says he twisted it somewhere in the north. So, Vasya? He says that they all had data across the north. Via Magadan, Vasya? In short, he rubbed it with someone in this north, agreed, and the data on Vasya were replaced with such as Vasya needed. Vasya knew his program as flaky.
    And in order to quickly transfer to the north what data about Vasya to substitute for the truth, Vasya figured out how to connect these lims and other causals directly to the brain. What, Vasya, is it called? Negro ... Negroface, in.
    Then the map of Vasya and flooded. Literally. He shut up the gambler. In cards, this is very much appreciated when no one can understand anything about you, even through stupid glasses. In tryna, for example, yes Vasya? Did you play "tryna"? Well, Vasya, immediately "poher"? I’m interested. In general, everything that Vasya Pindos for the program missed - Vasya repulsed on the cards.
    Healed - like a king. Not a house - a palace. Garage for fifteen cars. But, of course, the woman ruined everything. Vasya fell in love. And it’s okay in a normal stupid woman - no, I’ve found a clever one. Drove the girl for one or two. Of course, when you know everything about her, and she thinks that you are the most honest fraer in the world ... He is also rich.
    And be you, Vasya, a man, fool a woman’s head, as it should be. So no. Conscience stuck. I decided to myself to tell everything as it is.
    And she told him: “Vasya, I know everything about you. I broke your neutron grid, there was nothing to store the password from it in dirty socks. And I left you a long time ago. And now the program is talking to you, the virus I wrote. ”
    Oh, Vasya got angry, he removes these his lims, tears off the blackface - and what do you think? - Vasya sits in the garbage can, where I discovered him a month ago. No wife, no home, no car. The nasty virus sent all the sensations to him from the north, through a negroface.
    When I saw him, I thought, blessed: sitting, in a good suit, - this one, now on me - smiles, fucked up, pissed, with this leaf in my hands, but babbles interesting conversations. I fed him for a month, watered, listened like a radio, a theater in front of a microphone - you know? - while he suddenly did not pick out his limbs.
    So it was. I'm sitting, listening to him. And he is like this: “You, Mash, don’t know much about me ...” And in a minute how to mate, and let us dig out our eyes! I ran away, thought everything: it was quiet - it became violent. And he poked his eyes, pulled out a tuft of hair and froze. Sitting numb.
    I soldered his day “triple”. Now nothing, walked away. We are preparing to smash the new north, abruptly the former. Just no more women, right, Vasya?

    PS. Warning the questions, "Does the author have anything else like that?" There was still an exercise published on Habré, but with its collapse left, for some reason, on Megamind. Other "pen tests" will be off-topic here.

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