Well stupid! Do you know how many Americans have a library membership?

    Before clicking on the arrows and pluses, just try to guess what percentage of Americans have a library membership. Under the cut will be the answer and a small request. But please guess the number before you go inside. Otherwise, you will see a figure, and this will certainly affect the result, but I want to get an undistorted picture.

    The number is hidden here: 68% of Americans Have Library Cards

    Link to the source

    I heard this figure in a speech by John Herzema about the post-crisis consumer and she was so interested in me, even struck that I found the source.

    Now, please. Write in the comments what number you guessed. And what percentage of the inhabitants of Russia, in your opinion, has a library subscription.

    It is logical that I asked this question. And here is what I found .

    Update: An interesting post on the topic , thanks for the neuotq link .

    Update2: Undoubtedly, having a subscription and using it are two different things. But in the articles by reference there are percentages of users, as well as a distribution by type of use. How many books are read, how many go to the Internet.

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