Virtual Conference for developers

It is strange that there is no information on Habré when all my twitter is buzzing with this epic event in the world of programming, open source and startups.

Founder of the publishing house of the same name: TIM O'REILLY.

GitHub employee, one of the authors of the Pro Git book, Git web page maintainer and Git Community Book: SCOTT CHACON

BitTorrent creator: BRAM COHEN InfoQ


Symfony PHP framework: FABIEN POTENCIER

Director Python Software Foundation: ALEX GAYNOR


Creator and head of Google Glass: TOM CHI

Legend StackOverflow: JON SKEET

Creator of the BASH shell and maintainer Emacs: BRIAN FOX

Creator of Wiki: WARD CUNNINGHAM

Inventor of UML: GRADY BOOCH

Founder of Heroku: ORION HENRY

And many other legendary people these days give hour-long lectures that each of you can see on record or live, completely free of charge at

At some points, the number of viewers exceeds 8,000. You can ask questions, participate in surveys, have a chat. Leading virtual hackathon Ed Roman. Each lecture is very exciting, incendiary and inspiring for exploits. Today is the second day, just a four-day schedule. When I write these lines, John Skeet will speak, a person often referred to as chuck Norris of proraming, they say he can list all the digits of pi, and in the reverse order.

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

Do you watch or go in?

  • 14.5% Watching 24
  • 64.8% I want to see 107
  • 19.3% Don't know English 32
  • 9.6% Not Interesting 16

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