Experiment: translate keywords and application descriptions for the App Store and Google Play for free in exchange for statistics

    We already wrote how the translation of keywords for an iOs application increased the number of downloads by 767% , as well as how the localization of the interface helped lift the application up dozens of positions in local Google Play tops . In both cases, not a cent was spent on advertising applications.

    We want to make sure that these are not isolated cases, but a really working way to make the application more popular in local markets. In this regard, we invite all developers to take part in the experiment:
    1. We translate the description and keywords for the page of your application on Google Play and / or the App Store from English into any of our list of 40+ languages for free .
    2. You do not apply other methods of promotion (no advertising, in a word) for a month.
    3. You share with us the schedule of downloads, purchases and the rating of your application in the local store.
    4. We share this information with the world on our blog.

    Ready to take part in our experiment and perhaps grow up in the tops? Then fill out this form ! We are waiting for your applications until December 10th. True, if there will be too many applications, we physically will not be able to make transfers to everyone. We also reserve the right to refuse a transfer without explanation. Nothing personal, as they say.

    We promise to tell you about the results here, on our blog - sign up in order not to miss.

    UPD: We extend the acceptance of applications until December 15.

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    Alconost localizes applications, games and sitesinto 60 languages. Native-language translators, linguistic testing, cloud platform with API, continuous localization, project managers 24/7, any format of string resources.

    We also make advertising and training videos - for sites that sell, image, advertising, training, teasers, expliner, trailers for Google Play and the App Store.

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