Video bodybuilding and fitness lessons or packaging information using DLE


    I want to talk about my first mini-project, a collection of videos on bodybuilding and fitness.


    After a couple of years of training in the gym and observing during training for surrounding colleagues, it was concluded that many make serious mistakes in the technique of performing exercises, especially for beginners. At first, I myself made gross and not very mistakes, which resulted in wasted time, effort, money, and some injuries. How to avoid this? Of course, it’s enough just before going to training to climb another hour on specialized sites and forums in search of the necessary information. Everything would be fine, but laziness is most often stronger, it is also problematic to find the right material at a given time in one place. This is the problem, according to the plan, should solve


    There is nothing ingenious and supernova in the idea of ​​the site. The main advantage is the "packaging" of information.

    Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to use video tutorials of our own production (plans for the future), therefore, at the first stage, youtube videos were selected and sorted according to muscle groups and types of exercises: - fitness video - fitness video

    In addition to video clips, the user can read the theory (from the book S. Arnie) on most of the exercises: - fitness video

    During a workout, it’s very useful to clearly know not only the correct technique for doing the exercises, but also what muscles work in this, not limited to general concepts such as back, chest, legs, etc. This will help to understand materials with clear images and a text description for each muscle group: - fitness vidiyaeo

    And in the end, the site is made on DLE ... I am aware that many do not like it to put it mildly. Perhaps there are reasons for this, however, for a person who does not speak any of the web programming languages, with partial knowledge of HTML, CSS (including me) and with similar tasks, this engine may be to your taste.

    Once again, I want to note that this project does not claim to be any innovation. The main goal was to collect all the minimum necessary information in one place and properly sort it. It turned out or not, users decide.

    ps I would be grateful for any distribution of links to the project. And, of course, comments on the case are welcome! :)

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