How freaks lead to the site 100% of users for at least Kene.

    Once, I helped in the development of the engine, and we had a case: our users, having logged on to the site, redirected to an unknown destination ... for a long time ... for a long time.

    Now I’m telling you how simple it is to bring a lot of users to the site. ( This is very vile ).
    But for a minimum of costs, you get maximum users. The coolest wrapping that can only be.

    1. Flash
    2. A minimum of knowledge in Flash
    3. 2 $
    4. Mail (for registration)
    5. Website (which we will promote)

    What to do:
    1. Go and register in banner exchange networks where Flash banners are supported.
    2. After registration, install Flash and create a banner for your site (any banner)
    3. Now the chip itself:

    We will use the function in Flash that redirects to the page. We insert it into the banner and something like that comes out:

    (this is not a real function - an example. Write yourself)

    function RedirectTo (Link)
    redirect (Link);

    Thus, any user who will watch this banner will automatically go to your link.

    Most banner exchange networks check banners before displaying them => they will notice it.

    2 Additions to the script

    1. Make if with the help of which we will say that this function will work only starting from a certain number. Approximately the date when this banner is already on the sites, and will pass the test.
    2. Make sure that NOT everyone goes to the site, but only a certain percentage of users. Then take more time to track.


    function RedirectTo (Link)
    if (todayMonth> 3) // If the month is March + :)
    redirect2 (Link);
    elseif (todayDay> 15) // If you are already here => We are still in March. Let this hack start working the day after tomorrow
    redirect2 (Link); // Do a redirect to a function that eliminates 90% of users, and redirect only the remaining 10


    function redirect2 (Link)
    // Check for a random number

    if (rand (9) == 1) // If a random number == 1, then do a redirect. 10%
    redirect (Link); // Make a real redirect to another page.


    And that ... we have many visits to the site, with minimal cost. (Very mean).

    The article is not in order to do this, but rather to administrators, in order to know what to fear!
    P.s do not lay out in comments ActionScript Sorsa - rub!

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