Optimization of advertising.

    A very interesting topic, regarding the optimization of advertising and the advertising process, has always been interested in this.

    I will not bend and talk about the mistakes of mega-cool advertising agencies with millions of budgets. I’ll tell you about something closer and easier.

    Today I’m walking in Tel Aviv, and I see a car going, and there is the sign “ Pupil ” on it - and there, by itself, a teacher and a student - we learn to drive .
    On the roof on each side, a small plate is attached and there is an advertising text on it .

    The front and back of the car says: " Driving lessons # tel 12345 " - Self-promotion - everything is OK.
    Right and left: " Do not be nervous - we are learning"- It’s funny - kayeyivno - pleased.

    Where is BUT and what do we need to optimize.

    The text on the right and left: why" Do not be nervous "? Is it addressed to whom? Me? A pedestrian? - and why should I be nervous.?
    This text should ideally be from behind, for the driver who is nervous because the student is TUPIT. It

    goes without saying that you should write " Driving lessons # tel 12345 " on the sides , because it is relevant only to pedestrians, certainly not to the driver - I don’t think that he will need do once more the right.
    and I like the pedestrian - the most it.

    Here's a mini example of where you can and should really op imizirovat advertising.

    I am sure that these places are much more than meets the eye.
    And if people talk about this, then only about the one like “Nike” or “Microsoft” ...

    There are much more places ... places closer to us where there is something to optimize!

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