Yes, job search ...

    I’ve been looking for work, I have experience, I work efficiently.
    But no matter how you look, most want super quality, but for real pennies, as if you are just entering this path and you can’t do anything, and the main criterion is that everyone should be able to. Is this a regularity? given? or just catching suckers?

    sent an answer to my resume from Moscow:
    “Good evening!

    Today I saw your profile on the site on job search and personnel search!
    Our vacancy is not quite what you are looking for, but maybe it will interest you.

    Vacancy: restaurant waiter

    Salary: 9,000 rubles +% of banquets + gratuities (On average, income per month can be about 30,000 rubles or more)

    Our requirements: Work experience is desirable but not required, age from 18 to 32 years. Schedule: flexible. There are growth prospects and a compulsory social package: free meals, paid leave. A very good team. ”

    Humor in short pants ...

    Yes, people.
    give positive ... I'm fumbling already. who will pump more ...
    a feeling, leave you in the same room, crush your authority, overwhelm.
    I'm already afraid to say thanks, or hello. It feels like wolves, wolves around.


    added her last comment on this blog - at the very bottom, please read, everyone who left their comments here. thanks. have fun further.

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