Social Network for the dead

    Social networks of various kinds continue to be born. So the choice is very large, because there are already a lot of networks for all kinds of groups of people, however new resources regularly appear.
    Recently launched a project Respectance , dedicated to the dead. It is assumed that users of the resource will be people who want to pay tribute to those who are no longer with us. For example, family members will be able to honor their ancestors with warm words, share with each other memories of them. It is likely that the site will be especially attractive for idols departing to another world of stars. There is, for example, a section on Kurt Cobain., the leader of the Nirvana group, who committed suicide in 1994. Probably if teenagers stop writing on the walls of buildings with the names of those whose work they admire and begin to do it in a specially designated place, then everything will be better for everyone.
    The site does not provide advertising sites, and earns only with the help of paid premium services.
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