Hacking iPhone: Activation. 2 ways.

    The process of exploring the iPhone is in full swing.
    Today, on US Independence Day, two activation methods that really work were announced right away.
    These methods work without the participation of 2 iPhones, and without transferring any personal information to AT&T.

    Method one (using iTunes):
    The following is edited in the iTunes binary:
    Offset 2048912: 33C0C3
    Offset 257074: 28
    Offset 257013: 33C9B1
    Adds “ albert.apple.com” to c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts
    Download Phone Activation Server v1.0 software . (Need MS. NET Framework 2.0)
    Program binaries .
    Step by step .
    Source .

    The second method (without using iTunes, for Mac):
    Download the tool (Binaries included)
    iPhoneActivatorTool 1.0
    tool [--help || --deactivate || --activate]
    --help Shows this information
    --state Prints the current phone activation state
    --deactivate Deactivates the phone
    --activateActivates the phone using specified plist The

    source of the second method asks not to give a direct link.
    If anyone needs - in PM to me.

    PS: The file structure of the iPhone is currently being studied and unlocking from AT&T is already a matter of soon.

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