Transition Terrafugia leaves, please fasten your seat belts

    Back in 2006, several young graduates of the MIT aeronautics department designed a flying car (or an airplane traveling on roads) Transition ("Transition"). According to the idea of ​​its creators, Transition is able to move on asphalt at the usual speeds for highways, and in the air it can accelerate to the speeds typical of sports aircraft. At the same time, Transition should fit easily in a standard garage.

    This miracle is designed for flights at distances of 150-800 kilometers and is designed to give ease and greater freedom of movement of people between cities.

    The Transition has auto-folding wings and a propeller driven by a 100-horsepower aircraft engine. The machine is suitable for use as a regular car. In this case, with a special clutch, the engine is disconnected from the propeller and connected to the drive wheels. Finally, this device requires little space for take-off.

    And now, belts are fastened, headlights are on, fuel is in the tank. Flew!

    I already dream about this.


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