Drupal Introductory Course

    Many beginners working with Drupal say that the system is very complex, that everything is simpler in Joomla. So, especially for beginners to master the CMS user Habr Infanty was not a big manual 75 pages with lots of content skrinshotov.Kratkoe:
    1. Software Package Installation - Denver
    2. Install CMS Drupal
    3. Translation of CMS Drupal language and its modules into a language other than English
    4. Installing the text editor module
    5. Creating a business card website
    6. Creating a portal on Drupal
    It also briefly discusses the issues of transferring from a local computer to a server, updating modules and the Drupal engine itself, optimizing the site and optimizing for search engines. In general, the entire gentleman's set in one file. The instruction is actually very detailed, but is in the process of formation, so your feedback and criticism will be very useful. The author of the article plans to write and translate some more interesting articles on Drupal, for which I personally am very grateful to him. Download Introductory course on Drupal

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