Where are we going?

    Here is your life for the moment. What you usually do, what kind of work you go every day, with whom you communicate, what you dream about and so on. Look into the future - if you continue to live like this, will something change or not? What will you do, how will you live? It’s not at all necessary to tell anyone what kind of pictures from the future you saw. Above all, do it honestly. Now look into the past. Remember what you did half a year ago, if you also lived six months ago. What was your life like? Has something changed since then substantially or not? Track the development vector of your life. Where are you going? Are you moving at all, or are you just standing still? Just ask yourself: am I standing still or moving?

    I'm not saying that everyone is obliged to move anywhere, for the sake of movement alone. If you like your current life completely and you do not want to change anything in it - the best choice is to stay in place. This is a great choice if everything suits you. But if you want to make your life even better, if something does not suit you, you will have to move one way or another.

    There are knowledge systems that focus only on mental discipline. That is, you will begin to think in a certain way, and your life will change. This is only partly true. In fact, if you start to think differently, then you will begin to act differently. But I deliberately emphasize this deliberately, prescribe in capital letters: "DO, REMEMBER THE ACTION." The other extreme is manifested in the fact that people constantly do some actions, but do not think. And you will effectively achieve results when you do both actions and think about what actions to do, why to do them, and why to do exactly these actions.

    On how to create a balance between actions and thoughts, I will talk further. So, everything always starts of course with our desires and setting goals. Where are we going, why, why. Formally, many people set goals for themselves. But they set themselves goals too abstract. And you set a very specific goal! Mark the place where you are now. For example, you want to increase your salary. Lock the current salary. Set a goal - i.e. determine for yourself how many times to increase it, by how many thousand rubles, dollars, euros. In what time? Define a reference point and an end point. But this is actually not enough. With this, most people are more or less coping. But, as I said, action is needed. And to make an action, you must first come up with it. To do this, you must describe the process. I.e, if you set yourself the goal of raising your salary, you must understand exactly what you must do for this. It would seem that these are very simple things, but many forget about it.

    Nominally, they can set themselves the goal of raising salaries. But if they do not make efforts to this, then where will this increase come from? Nowhere else. Very often, this behavior is observed in relation to his personal and intimate life. Nominally, the goal is to find a mate. But what are you doing for this? And most importantly - how much effort do you put into this? For example, many girls like to say that the most important thing in life is love. This is the dream of their whole life! But if this is most important to you, then why do you devote most of your time to the day, week, month, year to work and shopping? Why not spend this time on dates? Or, if you are not invited to date right now, you can do, for example, your appearance. It is trite to start inviting dates!

    The same for men. Why is time devoted to some hangouts instead of going to the gym or going to dances to meet somewhere? Or at least create a profile on a dating site and chat with girls. Why? As long as you have in your life such a discrepancy between the stated goals and the goals that you are really moving towards, you will not achieve anything. You can even roll back. Because these contradictions gobble up your energy!

    It is also very common for many people already at this stage of goal setting to stop for one surprising reason: you set a goal or desire for some reason and then the thought arises: "I don’t know how to do this." This is amazing. If you are guided by the principle “I don’t know how to do this, and I won’t do it” - all, put an end to your life right away. In this book and in ten other books I can describe the program of my whole life. But will you like what I painted? However, you will know exactly what to do. Why are there all universal schemes, why do people teach each other? Why is all this created? In order for you to get the result. If you are satisfied with the standard result, do it according to standard schemes. If you don’t even know the standard scheme, find out corny. Learn to search.

    No one will bring you a happy life on a silver platter. I wrote earlier why this is happening. It is amazing how few people understand this. Learn to search. Learn to start by looking for information. Now is the age of progress. Everywhere is the Internet, there are help systems everywhere. You don’t have to climb into a chair and look for the necessary volume of the encyclopedia. Just open the search page, Yandex or Google for example. And learn to use them, learn to look for answers to your questions. You have a question - well, you drive this question into the search. Close this question for you. Ask your friends. I am really amazed at how few people seek answers to their questions. But this is one of the simplest actions that can generally be done to achieve the goal - ask a question! And when you start looking,
    where and why. But at least start asking questions!

    Stop telling people stories about your future business. Stop saying: “I want a business, but I don’t know how.” "I want to find the man of my dreams, but I do not know where." All such statements are painted in their own impotence. This painting is in their own unwillingness to change their lives. And believe me - this is not interesting to anyone to listen to. It may be interesting to tell, but it is not interesting to even listen, not to take part in it.

    And when you have already found the information - learn to do. Start moving even if you don’t see the target beyond the horizon. And one must begin to learn to do small. Unlearn to divide the world into black and white! “Either I do everything at once, or I do nothing and never.” Stop pushing yourself into the scope of the possible and the impossible. Stop treating your desires on the principle of "now or never." Think better about "now a little bit, and then even better!" Changes in life are extremely rare when they are spasmodic. Any movement by nature takes time. To do this, describe the process.

    Suppose you decide that to make money you will cut toys with a jigsaw. Or improve skills and do better work. After that, you can already do this, and do it all the time. And the more you do this, the more money you have. Even if you do not set a goal for yourself to earn a specific amount, if you take actions that lead to this goal, you will still achieve this goal. And you will achieve the next goal. And achieve even more.

    For some reason, people are pathologically afraid of overworking. More truly, there are two large categories of people. One half is afraid to overstrain, and unexpectedly for themselves - they got up from the couch and already overstrain! And the other half is afraid to rest and relax. Because as soon as you relax, then the maniac will rape. Therefore, you can not relax for a second! After all, maniacs are everywhere, just hiding well ...

    A competent approach in this case is the traditional middle ground. Distribute the forces evenly. Do-relax. Rest-do. No jerking. Little by little, but regularly. The main thing is to go forward. And stop feeling senseless about yourself. And stop, on the other hand, kick and reproach yourself. No need for this pity: "Oh, I'm poor, I'm straining." Do not. If something really annoys you, you do something complicated - do not. If you do not do something - do not reproach yourself for it.

    Understand one simple thing - everything that you do now, it all responds in your future. If you do not do something now, it does not respond in the future. That's all. Estimate how your current action or inaction will affect your future. And it will become clear to you what you still want more now - to work and then get a crop, or not to work and all winter to suck a paw and go to fight around the neighbors and borrow money from them. And to ask for a visit, because it is so cold on the street that there is no place to spend the night and the stomach has reduced hunger from hunger. Or do you still want to live in comfort, in warmth, in satiety? Then it’s wise to work now, while there is such an opportunity.

    Look into your future and look around there. Just don't stay there forever. There are people who live the future all the time. This, of course, is also bad - when all your free time is consumed by dreams of the future. In order for these plans to be realized, it is necessary to transfer these plans from the future to the present, to implement them.

    Right now, do these three simple things: look into the future, build a plan for the desired future, return to the present and start moving! Remember to look back and compare progress. See where you are moving. Correct your actions accordingly. Drive left and right. Look back and look forward. It's like a rearview mirror and a windshield in a car. To ride without an accident, you need to look forward and backward. And of course, you need to steer. And then you will come where necessary. Just at least occasionally check the map and road signs.

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