Bubuki.ru: How much is your laptop?

    Bubuki.ru: used laptops for sale

    Almost 3 months ago we wrote on Habré about the bubuki.ru project . Since then, over 1,200 notebook ads have been published on our site. And 20 fresh announcements appear daily. This data array helped us solve a very important problem - to help the user determine the market value of his laptop. Now we have a “super-mega-intelligent” laptop cost calculator .

    The algorithm turned out to be quite complicated. The main characteristics that affect the cost, geographical location and even the brand are taken into account. All this is calculated in several iterations with a successive approximation. At the output, the calculator displays not only the final price, but also indicates the accuracy with which it was possible to calculate this price. It also shows a list of laptop ads that are similar to yours.

    The calculator has been working for a month and is constantly being improved. We will be grateful for reasoned comments on the accuracy and correctness of the calculation.

    What else interesting happened to bubuki during this time:

    - Introduced a number of paid services. The list is still standard: highlighting an ad with color and raising it in the search results for 2 weeks - $ 3. We also charge if the user publishes at the same time more than one advertisement - each additional costs $ 1. Selling laptops sequentially one after another is free. Payments are accepted via SMS. Here we have a question for Habrauser - what would you be willing to pay for? Write in the comments. Moreover, paid services can be invented not only for sellers, but also for buyers.

    - We connected 14 stores selling used laptops to the system. Now you can watch and compare their offers on one site, rather than go shopping.

    - They performed at the January StartupPoint in Moscow, where they hit the top five projects for the lynch. I take this opportunity to say hello and thanks to the organizers :)

    - We received one offer to sell the project. They refused.

    - Added the city of Ukraine. If you want from other countries - write.

    - A lot of small but important improvements, about which there is no sense in writing separately. They mainly concern the improvement of the interface and especially navigation.

    - Implemented most of the proposals that came from habrakommentatorov to the previous post.

    A list of all the habrausers whose proposals expressed in the comments to the previous post were taken into account and implemented:
    cyberangel omfg gribaz black_joker lol yeahgalogenus babysas akeepaki optik zencd scraelos pudovkin lak0st edelweard anton_ivanov wolfherz poisoned nickmitin kpyto logika architec al_indigo bornholio tarakan


    PS: We keep all promises regarding scalability and replicability of the platform. Details will be in new posts within two weeks.

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