How the application after localization rose from 40 to 5 place on Google Play

    It is known that localization of the interface increases the popularity of the mobile application in the region and the user's lifetime value. And the translation of the description and keywords on the product page in the store positively affects the number of downloads and sales of the application. But how significant is this influence?

    Now we know the answer: as soon as we translated the interface and description of the Home Accounting application into Spanish, French and German, its positions in the top Google Play of Spain, France and Germany began to grow rapidly. This was a rare case when our client did not conduct any advertising campaigns in parallel. Thanks to this, we were able to see that the growth in positions was due only to the release of a localized version of the application.

    Figures, details and an offer to participate in a cool experiment - under the cut.

    So, before localization, the rating of “Home Bookkeeping” among paid applications in the “Finance” section was as follows:
    Spain - 40th place
    France - 46th place
    Germany - 53th place

    Only 10 days passed after the release of localized versions, and the statistics changed significantly. The sharp increase in ratings in Spain and France is particularly impressive:
    Spain - 7th place (+33 positions)
    France - 11th place (+35 positions)
    Germany - 43rd place (+10 positions)

    Download growth continued in the future. Obviously, we can talk not about a short-term effect, but about a stable rating improvement:

    It can be seen that in Spain and France, “Home Accounting” is among the top five paid applications in the “Finance” section. In Germany, everything is not so beautiful (I wonder what the reasons are), but here you can also see the rise from 40+ to about 20th position.

    Once again, this result was achieved only by translating the application interface, its description on Google Play and downloading updated screenshots in Spanish, French and German. Not a cent was spent on advertising. One can imagine what results can be achieved if localization and competent promotion in the local market are combined.

    PS Alconost Experiment

    By the way, this achievement inspired us to experiment: we want to find out how the localization of the application page in the store affects sales, downloads and ranking.

    We invite each developer of mobile applications to participate: we are ready for free (well, actually in exchange for statistics of downloads, purchases and ratings “before and after”) to translate the description and keywords for the page of your application on Google Play and / or the App Store from English in any of our list of 40+ languages .

    Only native speakers translate, so you can be calm about the quality.
    Details are in this post . Hurry up!

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