The john willis handbook

    In October, a world-class star, John Willis, will come to our DevOops conference .

    John is one of several DevOps fathers, the author of 10 books published over the past twenty years, including the well-known DevOps Handbook and Beyond the Phoenix Project, Ops-part gurus for 35 years and just a living legend.

    John comes to us for the first time, so instead of the traditional report from the old conference, there will be a couple of words about him and what he can read and see.

    John has worked in the industry for over 35 years. He is now Vice President of Devops at SJ Technologies, before that he was Director of Ecosystem Development at Docker, VP and an architect in a number of interesting companies, a long list of which is boring to list (if you want, there is one here ).

    As conference visitors, it may be more interesting for us: this is such a special person who is able to effectively convey thoughts and translate them into reality on the scale of entire organizations. For example, in Opscode, he was VP of Training and Services, engaged in the formalization of training and evangelism issues.

    “How to implement devops” is a topic that everyone has been discussing for many years in a row, from young to old. Despite the fact that the question is not the first year, not so much has accumulated real practice and understanding of the outcome of the company's transformations Changes in culture are long-running things, the results of which will not manifest themselves in a week or a month. I had to go through what John did when he did it - even scary to imagine, but the result is obvious: some people go this way and achieve success. Perhaps we can.

    Let's take a look at what kind of artifacts a person leaves behind when walking the path of a devops. I acted like any reasonable person, went to YouTube, scored "John Whillis Devops" , "John Whillis Docker" and started reading the results. In addition to quite ordinary interviewers, there is, for example, the following report:

    Docker for managers! You always wanted to write such an instruction and give it to your management, right? Willis already did it.

    By the way, the report starts Trollski. Willis proposes to perform a traditional ritual: say “docker docker” many times, and only after that the report will begin. But even in such a specific report, he manages to preserve the reasonableness of the material, internal consistency and depth.

    Nearby there is a report about "Immutable Infrastructure" with Nginx.Conf 15.

    Should I watch it? Here is a mysterious slide on the seed:

    Tired of glamorous videos from big conferences? Well, welcome to the docker podcast broadcast:

    I, as a person who also writes articles and videos, understand that it is the most difficult to write such podcasts. This is not a conference: you do not have operators, you do not have a PC that will kick your feet and read texts, the marketing department does not help you draw thumbnails and scatter news on social networks. It is necessary to make a titanic volitional effort and just do everything yourself. Probably, this requires some special comment, usually people do not guess.

    If you thought that John was some kind of hipster, communicating exclusively in video format ... Welcome to Amazon, type in the search for "John Willis" and find a bunch of DevOps books, in the creation of which he took part and is mentioned somewhere. His own books, The DevOps Handbook and Beyond the Phoenix Project, have become classics for all who are interested in the topic of devops.

    In fact, we are very lucky that he will come to us. This happens infrequently. I highly recommend to think over the questions you are going to ask him in advance. It may be worthwhile to come up with questions together with colleagues or something.

    I remind you that DevOops 2018 will be held on October 14, 2018, and in addition to John there will be a lot of interesting speakers. Including Seth Vargo - Developer Advocate in Google, in the past - HashiCorp and Chef. Interview with him will be on Habré very soon!

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