Master Keith reanimates his blog about DIY electronics on Habré

    Master Kit is with you again! Our blog was silent for a while, but we returned.

    We, as before, develop and manufacture electronic kits, blocks and modules for radio amateurs and beginner electronic engineers. At some point, this was not enough for us, and we swung at the finished device - gadgets. Not everything went smoothly. at some point, we realized that it was impossible and inexpedient to combine products for do-it-yourselfers and products for a wide consumer market in one company. Gadgets were allocated in a separate direction " Dadget " (presented at GeekTimes ), and Master Kit again returned to the basics and focused on DIY-products.

    Using our blocks and modules, numerous electronic engineers in the CIS and even outside it create a variety of solutions that they then use in everyday life or in work. We would like to tell about the most interesting of them in our blog on Habré. You may be interested in the technical side of their implementation, or the practical benefits of them.

    We also hope that there are those among the habralum who use our products for their projects. We will be very happy if you share your experience with us and other Habr users.

    Your master whale

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