HungryBread - a startup about lunches in a pleasant company

    Hello to Habr and its inhabitants!

    I want to talk about startup business Hungry Bread , dedicated to business lunch.

    The idea of ​​the project is to make a business lunch not just a meal in the middle of the day, but a pleasant event filled with new experiences.

    Firstly, we help you choose a place for lunch. For this, we have a detailed map of Moscow business lunches.

    Secondly, we think that lunch is a great occasion for new acquaintances. And the more acquaintances, the fuller the life. Therefore, we made our project in the form of a social network. On our site you can leave your offer for lunch or respond to an existing offer.

    And it’s also nice to have lunch with an old friend who, it turns out, works nearby, but you haven’t seen him for a hundred years.

    Add each other as friends and dine together at a convenient time. You can even create a calendar of enjoyable dinners for the week ahead.

    We hope that our service will help someone find a soul mate, someone - new friends or useful contacts for business.

    I can't wait to get to know you all at business lunches.

    We do not have a mobile version yet, it makes sense to log in only from the desktop.

    How the site is arranged

    On the page "Restaurants" - a map with restaurants, where there is generally a business lunch. Look for new places near your work or find lunches where you are hungry.

    On the Lunches page, a map of already created lunches that you can respond to. Look at the lunches near you - these are people who are ready to have lunch. Create your own “lunch” and it will appear on this map.

    How to find where to eat

    Indicate in the search your coordinates, lunch time and how much you are willing to pay for it.

    And choose what you like best. You can see detailed information about the restaurant - user comments, phone number and a link to the site.

    To find who to dine with, click “Create lunch”.

    How to look for someone to eat with

    1. Post your suggestions

    In the “Create Lunch” window, fill out the “With” and “When” tabs.

    We create lunch and see it on the “Lunches” page.

    And other users, having seen your offer, can respond to it.

    2. We respond to lunch

    You can respond to existing offers for lunch. To do this, on the “Lunches” tab, look at the active offers and click “Dine with him / her.”

    3. We invite other users

    You can browse the pages of other users and personally invite them to dinner. By clicking on “Search for people and restaurants” in the lower left corner of the page, you see a list of all users of the site:

    By clicking on “Invite for lunch” and choosing a place and time in the invitation window, you can personally invite an interesting person:

    Social network

    Follow the activity of your friends and new offers of meetings in the event stream.

    Having visited the user’s page, you can add his friends, see his photos, send him a message, find out where he usually dines, and, of course, invite him to dinner.

    Restaurant base

    At the moment, the site has more than 1,400 restaurants with business lunches. If you know about a lunch that is not in our database, you can add it by clicking "Add a place" in the bottom panel of the site:

    After checking by the moderator, the added restaurant will appear on the site.


    We hope our project will help many of you take a fresh look at your lunch time.
    We are waiting for you at Hungry Bread to meet once at an interesting and new dinner!

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