I am brilliant, or how to learn a foreign language.

          The other day, the son of a friend of mine, who left for Italy, went on vacation to my grandmother, and came to visit my son. I immediately attacked him with questions, like he was in a foreign country and whether he had managed to master the language during the time spent there. His story terribly interested me in the light of my  research on the methods, techniques, methods and secrets of studying and teaching foreign languages , since his method was completely unique!
          I knew him from childhood, he is the same age and friend of my son, and I remember that while he lived here, he studied at the school rather mediocre and was not distinguished by any particular diligence or discipline. What was my surprise when he said that he speaks Italian fluently and has absolutely no problems communicating in a foreign country, although he lived there for less than a year. And when asked how he managed to learn the language so quickly and simply, he told an amazing story.
         It turns out that no one specially taught him and did not study individually, he was simply sent to study ... to a school for Italian mentally retarded peers! Those. this is a school in which they have been giving an elementary school course for 10 years - reading, writing, simple mathematics, chewing everything in detail and repeating and repeating it many times. And all these children were fluent in the language!
          “Being among them,” he said, “I felt myself almost brilliant. I quickly understood the teacher’s explanations, although they were in a foreign language, I could instantly solve any example or problem. And they behaved very childishly, played with toys, could not concentrate and at least remember something. And in such a moral state it was simply impossible to not understand the language, everything was assimilated easily and simply, and the teachers and students very kindly explained and repeated everything. They spoke a simple language, without any abstruse phrases, and all this was quickly remembered and learned without additional efforts. ”
         He did not cram words, grammar was given only in the volume of primary classes, but such a seemingly non-intensive approach gave a result much better than intensive courses!
        This unusual case once again confirms that all problems with learning languages ​​are mainly psychological in nature and are caused by incorrect teaching methods and poor teachers who develop a complex of language inferiority and an aversion to the subject they are studying.
         Physiologically incapable of languages, there are very few people, medicine is involved in them, and all other people have simply inspired this inability to themselves and can get rid of it. Everyone can learn a foreign language, you just need to abandon outdated and not working approaches and methods and  find your way to the language !
        The road will be overcome by a walker!

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