OFFZONE 2018 welcomes recruits

    When: November 15-16, 2018
    Where: Digital October (Moscow, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, p. 3)
    Official website:
    CFP: (until October 5, 2018)
    Buy a ticket: offzone .moscow / ru / tickets The

    International Conference OFFZONE 2018 will be held for the first time on November 15-16 in Moscow and will bring together professionals, recognized experts and researchers in the field of practical cyber security.

    No jackets, no business - just hardcore research. This is the main thesis of the 2018 OFFZONE conference. It is about the knowledge gained from personal experience. On the research of enthusiastic people. About work, which allowed to achieve serious results and, of course, a great love for his work.

    The conference headquarters will be located in one of the historical centers of Moscow - on the territory of the Digital October space (formerly the Red October factory). For two days the theme of the post-apocalypse and the cult game Fallout will accompany everyone who manages to get to the conference headquarters.

    The participants are new heroes of the OFFZONE space who can not only get unique experience and knowledge of practitioners, but also test their skills in the business. But first things first.


    The reality of OFFZONE is divided into several sections:
    • Main Track (45 min + Q / A)
    • Fast Track (20 min + Q / A)
    • WEB.ZONE
    • as well as the final cyber battle of CTFZONE

    Main Track / Fast Track

    The main tracks, which will be presented as a large-scale studies, and small reports. Within two days, more than 40 speakers will speak at the OFFZONE site and share their experience and knowledge with all conference participants.

    In the special thematic sections - FINANCE.ZONE, WEB.ZONE and HARDWARE.ZONE throughout the conference, the newly arrived heroes will be able to learn practical skills from leading experts in the protection of the financial industry, experts in analyzing the security of web applications and experienced hardwarders.

    All reports that fall into the OFFZONE program are selected by a CFP committee consisting of recognized experts in various areas of practical cybersecurity. More information about the composition of the CFP-committee can be found here .


    "Enter the pin code." The sound of counting bills at an ATM. "Take your card." And a happy man goes on his route further. Cybersecurity and financial technologies are now - two inseparable components that help us pay for purchases every day faster, make life more comfortable and generally feel that technologies do not pass by, but lie right now in our pocket.

    But how it all works and thanks to what technologies it becomes possible - we find out in the FINANCE.ZONE section. Representatives of the financial industry and cyber security experts will talk about how the financial world is structured from a technical point of view, what is its vulnerability and how is it protected.


    Corner of wires, warm lamp light, aromas of rosin and radio waves. Lectures on microcontrollers, FGPA and ATMs. Experienced hardwatchers will talk about how things are (without) danger in the field of iron and electronics. And of course, do not forget about all your favorite master keys! In general, talking about the high in the direction - only low-level conversations at the good old soldering iron.


    Why is the "whining" not spinning and "XSS-ska" does not take off? What is BugBounty? These and many other issues regarding web application security will be covered in this section. Let's talk about approaches to finding vulnerabilities in web applications, as well as ways to prevent their occurrence even at the development stage. Participants in international BugBounty programs will share their experiences and tell you how to get into the long-awaited Hall of Fame.

    CTFZONE Final

    The conference will host the final of the annual competition CTFZONE 2018. Following the results of the qualifying stage, the top 10 teams from around the world were invited to Moscow to compete for the title of leader in the legendary Attack / Defense cyber battle format. Within two days, the teams will discover as many vulnerabilities as possible in the services of their opponents, while effectively building protection against attacks from the side.

    The battle of CTFZONE 2018 takes a truly global scale - teams from various countries of the world, including Russia, Hungary, Poland, South Korea, Ukraine and China, will take part in the final.

    The prize fund of the competition is $ 18,000. Who will enter the top three and receive the title of winner of CTFZONE 2018? We will see with our own eyes right at the conference!


    At the moment, the cost of tickets for all categories of participants is 5,000 rubles . We recommend that you take care of the passage to the conference in advance, as the price of tickets may increase towards the event.

    Each participant of the conference along with the ticket will receive an interactive badge with a set of tasks that can only be solved with a wide range of skills - do not miss your chance to get valuable OFFZONE trophies!

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