Eskimo - Node.js prototype boilerplate


Eskimo is the new Node.js quick-prototype (MVP) boilerplate.

Even if the Internet is filled with different boilerplates and frameworks, today there is no modern, modular and minimal boilerplate for launching prototypes (especially for the construction of RMVP's rapid minimal products). The project is created with a small, one person, but then, under the influence of investors, it grows to unpredictable sizes. A google search on Nodejas boilerplate and Nodejs framework gives hundreds of results.

But many of these project initiators do not have automation to deploy and test products. Some ignore front-end practices and don’t use Bower , Bootstrap , Font Awesome ,S3 / CloudFront , clustering and LESS . And not a single boilerplate or framework has injected dependency injection with an electrolyte , with the exception of Eskimo and Jared Hanson's projects .

Most applications simply structure their code using global variables (which is bad practice). Here, for example, how many project

managers structure their code using global objects: // config.js

module.exports = {
port: process.env === 'development'? 3000: 80
// controller.js

module.exports = function (config) {
return function (req, res, next) {
res.send ('Hello world');
// app.js

var express = require ('express');
var app = express ();
var config = require ('./ config');
var controller = require ('./ controller') (config);

app.get ('/', controller);

app.listen (config.port);

How does Eskimo solve the problem?

Simple design

Built with the commander and the yo- inspired command line interface (CLI) provides the command to create a new prototype and commands for designing the mongoose , jade template and route middleware circuitry.

For quick design, initially based on successful project development, the following components were combined into one boilerplate: one template language - jade, one ORM - mongoose, one database - MongoDB and one CSS pre-processor - LESS .

Simple personalization

If you don’t like using Jade, Less, Passport , simply remove the theme from the generated project files and delete them from package.json after the command - eskimo create [name].


Say you created a new project. What's next? Do you need Facebook and / or Google authentication in the application, or integration with Stripe, or documentation and installation for the RESTful API, or using, or setting up automated deployment? Just look in / examples. Having micro examples as Readme files, users are forced to read and think, and not just copy / paste the full working example.

Projects developed with Eskimo

Eskimo created Node.js leading programmer of Clevertech - Nick Bofom .

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