Ciklum iOS Practice Leaders Meet-Up // Architecture in iOS, Dnipropetrovsk, November 20

On November 20, the Ciklum Dnipropetrovsk office welcomes guests from Kharkov: Aleksey Demedetsky, an iOS developer with more than 4 years of experience in developing business applications, will speak as part of the iOS Practice Leaders Community .
The report will be devoted to the topic of architecture in iOS applications.


In detail we will consider:
  • definition, influence and importance of the concept of architecture in mobile development
  • ways to determine the quality of the project architecture;
  • metrics to evaluate
  • typical patterns and antipatterns that are used in development
  • Used types of commonly used architectures
  • Tips for choosing one type or another.

The report will be interesting to everyone who is developing for iOS.

Also, as part of his presentation, Alexey will arrange a session of case study from the audience: please - prepare your own examples, if possible.

The event is free, by prior registration .
Date: November 20, 2014
Time: 19:00 - 20:30
Venue: Dnepropetrovsk, ul.Barrikadnaya, 15-a, building 3. 12 floor

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