November 21 - an online conference - about the new Visual Studio 2015 and other Connect () announcements;

    November 12-13 at the conference Connect (); we presented the future of .NET on all platforms, including Linux and Mac, the preview version of the new Visual Studio 2015 , as well as new cross-platform development features, including the Android emulator, cross-platform development in C ++, advanced integration and support for Xamarin and much more.

    Details of the announcements can be found in the article on Habr NET Server Core, cross-platform development, Visual Studio 2015 and other announcements of Microsoft Connect ();

    On November 21, as part of the Russian App Day conference , we are making a local online conference about new opportunities for companies and developers - about Visual Studio 2015, the new .NET and Azure .

    You can join the broadcast directly on the event website:

    Now a little about the program.

    As usual, we will start with the opening, where we briefly summarize all the announcements of the Connect () conference;

    At 11:10, Vladimir Yunev will talk about ASP.NET 5, which now allows you to develop for all platforms. Tatyana Smetanina at 11:50 will continue the conference with a story about the possibilities of cross-platform development for iOS, Android and Windows. At 12:50, Alexander Belotserkovsky will demonstrate the new capabilities of the toolkit for developers for Windows Azure. Vladimir Gusarov at 13:30 will talk about new in the application lifecycle management, development and testing, DevOps methodology, which appeared together with Visual Studio 2015.

    After lunch, at 15:00, Stas Pavlov will talk about the new features of breakpoints and profiling during debugging that you can try right now in the preliminary version of Visual Studio 2015. At 15:40 Dmitry Soshnikov will talk about .NET vNext and managed programming languages . From 16:40 until the end of the conference, Dmitry Andreev will talk about effective work with IDE Visual Studio and C ++ development in two consecutive reports.

    Join the broadcast on November 21, it will be interesting!

    Dry squeeze of new features of Visual Studio 2015 Preview can be found at
    Download Visual Studio 2015 Preview can be found at:
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