Learning Swift is now easier

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After Apple introduced the completely new programming language Swift, it does not cease to be the subject of active discussion on developer forums and in smoking rooms of dev conferences. You can learn the language now - Apple has built a detailed manual for its offspring. True, only in English.

Recently, we were approached by a client who wanted to correct this shortcoming and translate the Swift documentation into Russian. The benefit of the interpreters in Alconost no stranger to the problems of technical translation with an abundance of IT-shnoy terminology. The result pleased both us and the client: the first chapters are already waiting for readers at this link , welk!

We hope that our translation efforts will be in demand by the developers. Yes, and the Swift hub is not in vain on the Habré. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know your opinion:

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Do you find it necessary to learn the Swift language?

  • 42.6% Of course, after all, Objective-C will die 790
  • 20.1% Not yet, and no one will ever give up Objective-C 374
  • 37.2% I don’t know until I made an opinion on Swift 690

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