What will be new on .NEXT and why it will be good

    107 of 137 habrayuzers who voted on the topic of Dino Esposito's report at the .NEXT conference (December 8, 2014, Moscow, Radisson Slavyanskaya) can be doubly satisfied: firstly, Dino will talk about what they voted for - ASP. NET vNext: What it means to you and what it means to Microsoft . Secondly, here and now we will briefly recall what other reports will be on .NEXT this time, and also tell how the speakers try to make them pleasant to listen to at the conference.

    So, besides Dino, on .NEXT will be:

    • Vladimir Almaev with a report on writing tests with pleasure and how to use AutoFixture for this;
    • Kirill Skrygan with a frank account of how ReSharper developers write complex .NET projects (in particular, their experience with NoSQL);
    • Dmitry Soshnikov, who is like a fish in water in popular topics such as real-time twitter analysis using reactive functional programming in F #;
    • Dmitry Nesteruk, talking about how the new ReSharper helps make your work even more effective (no, it does not block VKontakte and Facebook with twitter, it’s still more interesting);
    • Roman Belov with a traditionally ironic talk about Memory Leak and Memory Traffic;
    • Sergey Shkredov with a story about the difficulties of developing and maintaining programs using DSL (as well as with forecasts - come now and after three years and conclude whether to bet on the same horse as Sergey);
    • Mikhail Samarin, who will show how to make a child happy by connecting to the Lego Mindstorms robot and adding voice or touch controls directly from Windows Phone (yes, he will talk about the API, and not just about Lego);
    • Mikhail Shcherbakov with the report "Security Model in the .NET Framework 4.0 - 4.5.1";
    • Dmitry Ivanov with the principles of building multi-threaded desktop .NET applications using the example of ReSharper;
    • Sergey Pugachev with a report on universal components for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1, created using managed and native code;
    • and other great speakers, a complete list of which is on the conference website .

    For speakers who want to be 200% sure, not only that you are insanely interested in the topic of their report, but also that they will talk about it without hesitation, longing in the eye and eeekan on the slide, the conference organizers arranged trainings on professional coaches honed their ability to report (I was impressed when I unexpectedly stumbled upon a training in a dark office on Sunday evening - my colleagues are getting ready, not sparing themselves).

    The organizers of the conference are CodeFreeze and JetBrains.

    Now it's up to you whether to come to the conference alone or to capture friends who have not yet seen .NEXT live. Online and recordings will be read about the viewing conditions, please, on the conference website . See you!

    UPD : thanks for noticing: DECEMBER 8!

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