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    In Russia, interesting events take place in the field of Internet business every day. But really bright, large and innovative things do not happen so often even on a global scale. For a long time, projects such as Facebook, Instagram or Yandex did not appear that can enter the life of almost every network user.

    The Ahoba service (; - the beginning of a small Siberian team from Khakassia - was modestly published in the form of the first public version on October 10, 2014. In the incomplete month of its existence, it won the hearts and computers of thousands of users by finding its audience on the company's personal blog on the largest Russian-language IT -resource - Habrahabr, liked by fellow startups on Spark , received a dozen reviews and descriptions on various other sites dedicated to design and layout topics., what kind of service is this, and why did everyone need it?

    An official description from the project’s website: “Ahoba (; is a universal online editor for creating design layouts with auto-layout and saving in various formats.” But there is something more hidden behind this formal description:

    This is a service project that can be useful to almost any user computer, because every now and then there are tasks to create the design of anything from business cards and flyers to pdf-documents, online presentations and web pages.The project is interesting and useful to many people, but first of all it’s designed n for creative people. A designer is not a profession, it is a state of mind. And service, not just a “editor for design", is a tool for the soul ...

    Each PC user is a bit of a designer ... We all have to process photos in Photoshop, beautifully arrange presentations, or make a neat PDF document ... And how many “mocking’ and поз cognitives ’are created for VKontakte every day? And all this can now be done right in the browser, without downloading or installing anything, without manually doing the layout of the graphic layout in the final document.

    Ahoba (; can be used to create:

    For this, the Ahoba service is needed (;. And that's why it is useful to all users, and why everyone who finds out about it does not remain indifferent ... - why crowdfunding?

    It would seem that the authors of the project stumbled upon a "gold mine", but not so simple ... Giant corporations involved in software development, such as Google or Adobe, are missing this niche in the market. They are heavy, but practically unlimited in resources. The small young company doing the project, on the contrary, is very flexible and open to users, but very limited in resources ...

    Youth and lack of resources for a beginner team is called a “startup”. A startup is a new business, a new project that is at an early stage, when it does not yet have income, or income does not pay back current investments (there is no self-sufficiency). The development of the company and the project at this stage is based on the fanatical, hard labor of its founders. When one person literally has to work for three. In the framework of the Ahoba project, a whole article has been written about this:

    No matter how hardworking the founders are, their capabilities at some point begin to be missed. And at this moment, so that the development of the project does not stop, it is necessary to attract external financing. Where can I find it for a “sincere” project? The answer suggests itself - crowdfunding.

    The Russian language is rich and powerful, but we all borrow concepts from foreign languages ​​... Crowdfunding is “public funding”, or in another way “fundraising for the implementation of an idea that you like.” It works something like this: you like something, you want something, but it doesn't; you find a company that sells what you want; give them some money so that they can make your wish a reality; if a sufficient number of people interested in the project has been accumulated, the amount necessary for implementation is gained; the company sells what you want; you use it.

    Together with the official public launch of the service, an action dedicated to its support was launched on its website. Interested users actively helped and are helping the service by acquiring subscriptions to it at an early stage, realizing that the funds will be used to develop the tool they like. Everything is fine, but the majority of those who supported the project expressed some bewilderment: “Why do the authors“ reinvent the wheel ”by organizing fundraising on their website, scattering information about the project, about development, about rewards, about payment on different pages of the blog and service? There are specialized platforms for crowdfunding fundraising, where it is all conveniently and beautifully organized ... ”

    Ahoba project team (; always listens to the opinions and wishes of its users, because this project is being done for them. They also took advice on the use of a specialized platform. Having studied all the Russian-language options in detail, Boomstarter was chosen. As the creators themselves say: Boomstarter -
    The most convenient and easiest way to attract collective funding to start the project

    The “Support Ahoba (; on Boomstarter!”) event is an interesting and unusual event in itself, as the Mockup editor SletchBuilder service is curious and useful

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