The quality of online translators

    There is a stereotype that all products are better on Google than their competitors - Google (search engine) is looking better for Yandex, Yahoo and MSN; GMail presents a mail service better than or hotmail, etc. Apparently I became one of the victims of this stereotype. When translating, I usually use a translator from Google , but he did not know one word, the translation of which was unknown to me either. I remembered about the domestic online translator and translated the phrase to them - he knows such a word. I decided for the sake of interest to try to translate several sentences for comparison in both.

    Example number one ( on the left, on the right): Example two ( on the left, on the right): As you can see from these examples, the adequacy of the translation of these two concrete sentences domestic resource is better. Of course, a sample of the two sentences is not enough to evaluate and compare the quality of the translation as a whole, but it still makes you think about the stereotype of the leadership of the quality of Google products in all areas that represent its services.

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