Who is Apple's main Ostap Bender?

    Hello everyone, I

    read the article and was a little surprised - how can this be? The article tells us about a certain resident of the glorious city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, who was the first in Russia to buy an iPhone (we are talking about legal sales, legal phones). The text tells about the boundless joy of the happy owner of a wonderful device, the photo shows the smiling girl Oksana, and what a wonderful coincidence - because she has her birthday today! Our humble congratulations are nothing compared to Apple's Gift (for 20-30 thousand), but still - happy birthday, Oksana!

    But seriously, I'm certainly happy for Oksana, but not happy for this wave, for this plague and virus, the “October Revolution” - the iPhone. I have always liked Apple products, and this is a wonderful device as well, but you can’t inflate an elephant like that. In the end, there is even a biblical commandment - do not make yourself an idol.

    Conclusions: This is just my opinion. A lot of respect from Apple - for turning and twisting the whole world, they worked for 5+. Who is their main PR and design manager? I have the opinion that - Ostap Bender.

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