New Raspberry Pi: Model A + unveiled at $ 20

    Model A +: smaller size and reduced power consumption + more features

    Unexpectedly for all, the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced a new raspberry model : Model A +. At the same time, the price tag is simply record low - only $ 20.

    Only in July was Model B + introduced, and the release of Model A + was expected no earlier than next year. But this company is able to surprise.

    Like Model A, the new model is based on the BCM2835 and has 256 MB of RAM. A significant difference from the previous model is the size: the length is only 65 mm compared to 86 mm Model A, as well as reduced power consumption.

    Model A + got a lot of what already works in Model B + :

    • More GPIO: the number of pins now reaches 40. Model A + also supports the HAT standard ;
    • Micro SD. The old SD card slot has been replaced with a smaller one for microSD;
    • Audio. Now the sound will be better.

    In percentage terms, the Raspberry Pi Model A + has become 20% cheaper than previous models, 24% shorter and 42% thinner.

    Features Raspberry Pi Model A +:

    • Dimensions: 65x56x12mm
    • Memory: 256MB RAM
    • Slots: Micro SD slot,
    • 1x USB, 40x GPIO
    • Network: no
    • Price: ~ $ 20 / £ 15
    • Weight: 23 grams.

    The board consumes half the power than the older model, Model B +.

    Before the official launch of the updated raspberry, test samples were provided to some people who can give authoritative feedback on the board. Here is what they say:

    There will probably be even more such projects with the release of the Raspberry Pi: Model A + . And this cannot but rejoice.

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