WGDC Competition: Final Close


    Only a week is left until the winners of the Wargaming Developers Contest are announced. Below is a small infographic that will help brighten up the tedious minutes of waiting for participants and shed light on the scale of the competition.


    The simplest conclusion that can be made so far is that the competition was successful in terms of the number of participants. The pre-screening sieve was overcome by 104 ideas and 172 projects. It is not surprising that a little more than a quarter of all submitting ideas at the initial stage were able and willing to continue the struggle, while 7 out of 10 projects were approved for further participation. Those who immediately got ready for work, as a result, carefully read the rules and got down to business.

    In addition to the ideas themselves, the most popular nomination among applicants was “The Best Functional Project”. Slightly opening the curtain of secrecy, we can say that it was in this nomination that it was the most difficult to choose a short list, and it turned out to be the most voluminous.

    Of course, some applicants did not have enough time to finish the projects. But we hope that all of them will develop. And for its part, Wargaming has already come up with a format for their support not now, during a contest strictly limited by time frames and rules, but after it. Examples of excellent projects that the authors have not completed yet, and the format itself we will announce in just a week.

    In the meantime, our experts and their teams continue to evaluate the work, and we announce a week of silence before announcing the final results. However, we will try to answer all the questions under this post.

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