Spam must be the problem of the recipient

    Today (though not for the first time), I had the following episode: the mail server decided that my provider's SMTP server is an open mail relay and banned it.

    Actually, I decided to speak out about this.

    The essence of the email comes down to the fact that if a person sends an email to the correct address, he does not wait (and cannot wait) that his letter will not be accepted. Of course, I'm not talking about cases of exceeding quotas for sending files, this is a separate issue.

    I would like to remind many who use any automated spam killing systems that fighting spam on the recipient’s side is a good form , rather than trying to put it on the sender’s head.

    I understand that I got spam, and that the Potok spam center is worthy of a local nuclear strike, but never a hundred deleted (or undeliverable) letters from a spammer were worth one, but important letter.
    Especially when you wait for him.

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