Sync with Opera for Android and the updated Opera Coast

    We have recently announced the appearance of synchronization in Opera Developer , but what synchronization between two computers means is a nice detail, but synchronization with Opera mobile is a completely different matter. And with the release of Opera beta for Android, synchronization has become much more interesting. If you install this beta for Android and Opera Developer (and log in to both browsers), then the bookmark added to one of the browsers will quite magically appear in the other. Try it yourself!

    Tab Sync

    But we do not stop there: already Opera Developer for computers can synchronize open tabs. Go to the menu Opera - Recent Tabs (on Windows and Linux Gnome) or History - Other Devices (on Mac and Linux Unity) and you will see tabs there open in another browser.

    In order to have something to synchronize, it needs to be well organized, so we continue to listen to your feedback and improve the bookmarks interface: now folders can be renamed and deleted directly from the context menu. Also in Opera 26 beta there was an import of bookmarks:

    How to share all this?

    You've probably already noticed the Share button in the bookmarks in Opera Developer. Now the button has appeared in the beta Opera 26 and allows you to share the contents of the folder with a link like - for example, you can share a wish list for a birthday or upcoming New Year holidays.

    Where to get?

    Remember the simple links that always have the latest builds: and . Take the right one, depending on your courage.

    Opera Coast 3.2

    Our Opera Coast browser has also been updated the other day: now we support the new screens of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and all the features of iOS 8.1.

    • Icons for sites are now generated in the same way as in Opera for computers
    • A link from Coast can be sent to other applications (for example, Pocket)
    • A link from other applications can be opened in Opera Coast
    • Coast widget appears in notification bar with latest news

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