Upgrade from Vista - Endless Reboot

    An interesting glitch manifested itself among some users who tried to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. In some cases, the system reports an “unsuccessful upgrade”, announces the intention to reinstall Windows Vista, cannot do this, and then launches the Windows 7 installer again and falls into an infinite reboot cycle.

    The essence of the problem is still unclear. It is known that users bought / downloaded the distribution kit for upgrade from various sources. In the appropriate branch of the technical support forum, they ask the victims to send information about the version of the remote Windows Vista and about the versions of the installed antivirus software.

    Meanwhile, a page was found on the Microsoft website, where a glitch with an endless reboot in case of an unsuccessful upgrade is described, and suggested workarounds. Glitch was caught in July.

    Endless reboot is a fairly common situation for Microsoft. similar problems were in February 2008 when installing Vista Service Pack 1, and also in May 2008 when installing Windos XP Service Pack 3, then Microsoft blamed the hardware vendors for the problem.

    via ComputerWorld

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