November 22, 2014 DevNightMinsk. DevNight is an international conference for developers of mobile games and applications. Last time we met in Kiev. And now DevNight is coming to Minsk.

    What awaits listeners at DevNightMinsk? From 15:00 until night, we will discuss the most interesting cases and dangerous pitfalls of mobile development.
    • Speakers from Wargaming | SOOO Game Stream will tell stories about their military victories on the mobile battlefields for convenience and productivity.
    • Heyworks representatives will unveil the mystery of creating effective and beautiful art for mobile applications.
    • From the head of Alis Games studio, we will hear an instructive story about how to create your hero in the world of mobile games and not be eaten by the dragon of business. 
    • Happymagenta game designer will talk about the special importance of gameplay design in the smallest mobile games.

    Free admission. To participate in the conference, pre-registration is required .

    At DevNightMinsk will perform:

    16:00  Aleksey Alekseev ”Blitz-report”
    Project Manager World of Tanks Blitz Wargaming 
    Developed for mobile platforms even before it became iOS and Android. He wrote games for Nokia S40, phones under BREW. Favorite project to World of Tanks Blitz Wargaming - Modern Weapons. Can talk about everything related to history or flexible development methods.

    Why was artillery “cut out” from Blitz? Why are there two buttons for shooting on the screen? In his report, Alexey will talk about the problems that he had to face while creating a mobile version of the “tanks” - World of Tanks Blitz. We will talk about the technical limitations of the mobile platform, their impact on game design, special mobile “helpers” and the basic principles of screen design for mobile applications.   

    16:10  - 17:10  Kirill Kravchenko “Advanced texturing for mobile devices”
    Heyworks Studio
    Kirill Kravchenko, the leading animator (part-time setuper) of the studio. The creative core and the inexhaustible source of positive.

    In the context of developing games for mobile devices, one of the most important points is optimization. Cyril will tell you how to create not only “effective”, but also beautiful art for mobile devices. Due to the low power of mobile devices, artists and programmers often have to sacrifice the quality of the visuals for the sake of productivity. It's about some unobvious moments of texturing, material settings, tricky shaders, model optimization, etc.

    17:20 - 18:20  Denis Voikhansky “Adventure of Alis Games on the mobile market”
    Founder and director of Alis Games
    Former programmer and PM, now - head of the development studio and co-owner of the business. Proud to have not done a single successful project, but spent a lot of other people's money. A couch potato and a sectarian. Plays in the workplace. In gamedev for 12 years.

    Denis without cuts will talk about the adventures of Alis Games studio and the project “Looking for a Hero (Need a Hero)”: how the business was created, about LTV publishers, experience of working with VKontakte and prospects for working in the mobile market as a whole.  

    94cccdf3-009f-4baa-8b2a-a0c90669577319:00 - 20:00  Alexander Demyanenko “Development of cross-platform network games. Tips & tricks ”
    Ex Team Leader at Nexters
    One and a half years worked as the head of the mobile development department at Nexters. Nine years in development. In gamedev since 2012

    Alexander will talk about tricks that every mobile application developer who wants to launch his cross-platform network game should know. We will talk about various types of user authorization, features and problems of application deployment (iOS, Android, Flash), release on iOS and Android, coordinated updating of platforms and much more.

    20:10 - 20:50  Artyom Glushenya "About Arcades and People" 
    designer Happymagenta Artist, designer and composer. Workaholic, choleric, perfectionist. He graduated from BSPU with a degree in Psychology. For two years he was a web designer at Pixelhead (IBA). Two years developing games for iOS at Happymagenta.

    In his report, Artem will tell what he learned while working on the Orbitum and Fist of Fury games about the details that a game designer who creates a minimalistic game for a mobile platform needs to know. We will talk about the player’s logic, game flow and compensation of limited tactile sensations on Touch devices.

    21:00 - 22:00  Roman Bui "randomly marketing or how we let the Blitz Tanks of World"
    Marketing Manager Wargaming
    More than three years in marketing mobile games. He participated in the launch of several successful casual and not only projects. It scares colleagues with abbreviations like DSP, RTB, CPCV and ROMI. Believes that there is no bad marketing. Likes soups.

    Why are all presentations about mobile marketing always the same? The fact is that everyone is afraid to share information. In his report, Roman will open the veil of secrecy and talk about how Wargaming was preparing for the release of World of Tanks Blitz and what marketing of mobile games as a whole consists of. 

    If you want to participate in DevNightMinsk - do not forget to leave a request in the registration form.

    Stay tuned for updates and the latest news from our Facebook group meeting !

    Place: Wargaming Conference Hall, Partizansky Prospekt, 178/2, Minsk, Belarus
    Time: 15:00 - 22:30
    Date: November 22, 2014

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