The best smartphone released in 2007

    The year 2007 was especially fruitful for all kinds of innovations in the environment of multimedia mobile computers. The number of smartphones and communicators released has exceeded all possible limits! Apple gave us the long-awaited iPhone, Nokia literally overwhelmed us with new products! This year we received the first smartphone with a 5mpx camera and an excellent xenon flash. Apple presented us with a multi-touch screen. Samsung is a phone with two simultaneously working SIM cards, Duos. Nokia began to use built-in 3d video accelerators, thanks to which, the quality of games and video approached portable game consoles. In general, over the past year, the technological advances of portable mobile devices have gone a long way. I want to ask dear habaraday people, as the most advanced users of all kinds of Hi-tech devices, which mobile phone, did your smartphone or communicator impress you this year? You can alsoleave your vote in favor of super-mobile 2007.

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