New Motorola Linux Mobile Phone

    Motorola is by far the only well-known manufacturer of mobile phones based on the Linux operating system. True, it’s a sin to hide, this business hardly brings huge benefits to a large American corporation. Nevertheless, the company continues to produce Linux mobile phones, however, it prefers to promote them only in the Asian region. In any case, the new Linux-based Motorola Ming phone, which is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of the coming year, is unlikely to leave the Asia-Pacific market.

    If you believe Bill Chen, the chief manager of Motorola Taiwan, the handset called Ming 2 will be available in two versions: simplified and advanced. Moreover, surprisingly, none of them will be equipped with support for third-generation cellular networks. By the way, the vendor decided to entrust the development of a simplified version of Ming 2 to the Taiwanese company Ivantec Group, while a more expensive version of the tube is being developed by the efforts of the Beijing branch of Motorola.

    By the way, just yesterday, the company's assortment was replenished with a RAZR V9 phone with support for 3.5G networks, and in the next couple of weeks Motorola plans to introduce several more models: the ROKR Z8 based on Symbian, Q9 on Windows Mobile and three entry-level devices.

    via DigiTimes

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